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High-durability Transparent Conductive Films


Low-resistance, highly transparent, highly durable transparent conductive films

Low resistance, high transparency, and high durability make GEOMATEC's transparent conductive films ideal as transparent electrode films for dye-sensitized solar cells requiring high endurance.

Product Construction and Advantages

High freedom of design

Film substrates and properties such as resistance, transmittance, size, and plate thickness can all be specified as needed. Anti-reflective coatings, compact TiO2 layers, and grid electrodes can be formed as required.

High heat resistance

Changes in resistance and transmission properties after firing at 500°C

Heat Resistance Properties

Light Transmission Properties

High chemical resistance

GEOMATEC's high-durability transparent conductive films are insoluble in acids or alkalis, making them ideal for use in liquid treatments and drugs.

Acid Immersion Test Results

  Resistance (Ω/sq)
  Initial state Post-acid immersion Post-alkali immersion
ITO film 12.8 3000 15.0
High-durability Transparent Conductive Films 13.3 13.4 13.1

Typical Applications

GEOMATEC's high-durability transparent conductive films are used in applications such as dye-sensitized solar cells.

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