A Wide Variety of Coating Equipment

78 units that fulfill the diverse needs

Since its founding in 1953, Geomatec has continued to develop its vacuum coating technology with 78 units of cutting edge thin-film coating equipment that can handle more than 10,000 orders per year. Based on the technology and knowledge we have accumulated over many years of experience, we make use of different varieties of equipment to achieve the results desired by the customer.

Mechanisms of Primary Equipment

Geomatec has several varieties of coating equipment, and different substrate materials, forms and volume are used accordingly. Here we will introduce the five primary methods.

  • Batch

  • Inline

  • Roll to Roll

  • Inner Cylinder

Batch (e.g. carousel type)

Items small or large, prototypes or mass production. Capability to handle a diverse variety of thin films

  • Thin-film coating is carried out within tank-shaped equipment, such as rotating drums
  • Since the conditions of thin-film coating and the shape of the fixed frame (jig) for substrate materials are easily adjusted, they are well-suited to processing of prototypes
  • We also possess several units of large-batch machines that are capable of being set with multiple substrate materials and are well-suited to mass production
  • Geomatec's own unique technology is capable of coating unique forms, such as curved surface and domed shapes
Multiple substrate shapesSmall to large volumeSputteringVacuum coating
Our approximately 3,000 Φ large-scale batch-type machines pictured together. Several substrate materials can be set simultaneously, making mass production possible
  • 3,000Φ equipment within a clean room
  • We also possess small format machines suited for small items and prototypes. With so much equipment, new and old, lined up, the room looks like a chamber of a museum


Higher productivity and can be used to repeatedly coat thin films to a large volume of substrates with firm precision

  • Thin films are coated to substrate materials by conveyor equipment, enabling a regular flow of continuous thin-film coating
  • Simple thin-film coating, in single and multiple layers, to plate-shaped substrate materials is optimum for mass production
  • Our line emphasizes productivity, and the affixing and removal of substrate materials to and from the fixed frame (jig) is made more automated with high-precision robot arms
Plate and sheet shapesLarge volumeSputtering
Our equipment for the inline sputtering method is among one of the largest in Japan, capable of mass production over large-area surfaces
  • The inline method involves mechanized automation of the setting of substrates, creation of vacuums within a chamber, thin-film coating, removal of substrates and more
  • High precision robot arms repeatedly set the delicate substrate materials to the jig and convey them to the coating equipment.

Roll to Roll

Flexible & Thin films can be mass produced

  • Thin films can be coated to materials wrapped into thin rolls, making them well-suited to mass production of resin films, metal foil, and more
  • We possess units suited for mass production and coating of large surface areas up to 1,300 mm wide, as well as 700 mm units suitable for prototypes and small surface areas
  • By utilizing cutting edge equipment and technology, we can handle films as thin as 4.5 μm
  • When working with film of 50 μm thickness, the machines can cover lengths of 7,000 m
Roll shapesSmall to large volumeSputtering
The machines handling film rolls that are 1,300 mm in width are tall and divided between first and second floors (this photo is from the second floor)
  • The equipment for 1,300 mm wide films has a depth of over 20 meters and cannot be captured in a single photo (This photo is a near view of the first floor operation panel)
  • Staff inspecting the coated thin film

Inner Cylinder

Capable of coating thin films on the inside of 1,500 mm cylinders, something that is rare on a global scale

  • Technology for coating thin films within cylinders
  • Can handle sizes from inner diameters of φ4 mm to outer diameters of 160 mm and lengths of 1,500 mm
  • Thin films with barrier filters and other functions can be coated to the interior of resin, glass, ceramic, and metal cylinders
Cylinder (Inner & Outer)Small to large volumeSputtering
Rare coating equipment for small, medium, and large inner cylinder surfaces. The photo is of medium-sized equipment

Inquiries & Requests for Materials

To all who wish to manufacture high-quality, high-performance thin films

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