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Geomatec's special thin films are transparent, yet conductive

Geomatec is your source for transparent-yet-conductive thin films

ITO films, types of transparent films Geomatec began technological development of in the 1970s. These transparent-yet-conductive thin films are now crucial components of the high-resolution liquid crystal displays and touch sensor functions in the smartphones people use in their daily lives. As a leader in the field of ITO and transparent conductive films, we continually produce breakthroughs.

ITO and transparent conductive films can be used in transparent electrodes and anti-static protection in touch screen displays, transparent electrodes for the next generation of solar cells, or even dew condensation and snow accumulation prevention for transparent heaters. The possibilities are endless. We hope our customers will leverage the technology and knowledge in ITO and transparent conductive films we have gained over the years in their products.

  • Point1 We pride ourselves in our world-class coating technology born from our knowledge and sputtering method on ITO and transparent conductive films.
  • Point2 We propose the most suitable balance of transparency, electric resistance, flatness, durability, and flexibility to meet our customers' goals.
  • Point3 We won't give up on our aspirations for technological growth. We will continue to develop our customization proposals and original thin-film materials and equipment.

Comparison of transparent conductive film types

Types Resistance values Transmittance
ITO 2Ω/sq to 1000Ω/sq 50% to 90%
Low-resistance transparent conductive films 3Ω/sq to 8Ω/sq 60% to 85%
IZO 6Ω/sq to 300Ω/sq 50% to 90%
SnO2 200Ω/sq to 5kΩ/sq 50% to 90%
GZO 10Ω/sq to 500Ω/sq 70% to 90%
AZO 10Ω/sq to 500Ω/sq 70% to 90%
High-resistance transparent conductive films 5kΩ/sq to 1GΩ/sq 80% to 90%

Transparent conductive films for anti-static and electromagnetic wave shielding


For more comfortable touch controls and more beautiful video experiences

Touch screen display

ITO and transparent conductive films are an integral part of the comfortable touch controls and beautiful video experiences in touch panel displays for smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

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Obtain solid video records with clear visibility, achieved by preventing dew condensation and accumulation of snow

Surveillance & Observation Camera Lenses

By using Geomatec's ITO and transparent conductive films as "transparent heaters" for the lenses of surveillance and observation cameras, it is possible to prevent accumulation of snow and frost, as well as dew condensation and clouding, ensuring clear visibility, even when used outdoors in regions of high snowfall or humidity.

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Enable monitoring of fluid levels without direct contact

Water Level Sensors

Capacitive proximity sensors using ITO and transparent conductive films can monitor fluid levels remotely from outside containers. Furthermore, by transmitting the measured data, it is possible to achieve remote monitoring.
As there is no direct contact with the fluid, these sensors are perfect for scientific experiments that are vulnerable to impurities or for checking water levels in biological tanks.

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