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Geomatec is the leading name in thin-film technology for devices, displays & touch screens.

Were you aware that Geomatec's high-performance thin-film technology is being utilized right now, in ways that affect your daily life, in locations all over the world?
For example, as transparent films that conduct electricity, the ITO films which Geomatec began technological development of in the 1970's have contributed greatly to the fine display screens found on smart phones used by people across the globe, enabling the realization of touch sensor functions and placing the company at the forefront of the industry. We pride ourselves in our world class knowledge and coating technology with regard to transparent conductive films and ITO films. We also draw upon the many other functions offered by high-performance thin films and have contributed to the cutting edge technological innovations that enabled greater performance, smaller size and thinness, as well as greater durability and reliability for devices, displays and touch screens.

Information Transmission & Game Devices

Touch screen displays

Touch screen displays owe their effortless touch control and stunning video experiences to the function of high-performance thin films

High-performance thin films are now an indispensable component of the comfortable touch controls and beautiful video images we expect from smart phones, tablets, and game device touch screen displays. For example, the transparent conductive films and ITO films that have become Geomatec's calling card are essential to comfortable touch control. In addition, supplementary application of coatings, such as our anti-reflective coatings that prevent reflections or glare, or our water and oil repellent coatings, has contributed to touch screen displays of even greater quality.

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Organic EL (OLED) Display

Improve the productivity and quality of flexible substrate manufacturing with Laser lift off (LLO) Release films

Flexible substrates like organic EL (OLED) are manufactured while affixed to hard, highly flat glass substrates and then removed with a laser. However, flexible substrates are also delicate enough that they are easily warped and scratched, making the yield encountered during the lift-off process an issue.
By coating the space between the flexible substrate and the glass carrier with Geomatec's laser lift off release films, it is possible to prevent warping or scratching of the flexible substrate and minimize the residue left on the carrier substrate during lift off. This provides flexible substrate manufacturing with better yield, production efficiency and quality.

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Camera lenses

Behind-the-scenes support for a generation where anyone, at any time, can capture beautiful photographs and video

Geomatec's diverse high-performance thin films are used for smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers. For example, Light-shielding coatings, a variety of black films that diffuse unnecessary light (stray light) before it reaches the interior of the camera lens, and other high-performance films that function as anti-reflective coatings, can be applied to the surface of protective lens covers to suppress the glare and ghosting that have a negative impact on image quality, thus supporting the beauty of still and video photography.

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Cases & Exterior decorations

The beautiful color and expressive texture provided by thin films has opened up new possibilities for decorative design

Geomatec's decorative films for luxury products control the wavelength of light in clever ways that expand the expressive potential and creative individuality of designers and artists.
For example, depending on the angle and intensity of light, these films can shift colors to express beautiful and smooth gradiations, provide luxurious metallic sheen to parts where metal is avoided to create a lighter product, or give surfaces a mysterious transparent lustre or jet black finish.
Take advantage to provide your products or artworks a color and texture different from paint or plating.

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Video Displays & Projectors

Digital signage

Making display and touch screen information easier than ever to see by minimizing reflections and glare

You may have noticed the increased presence of digital signage at train stations, airports, hotels, and commercial complexes. While these offer a new level of convenience to visitors, reflections when the screen is lit by strong sunlight or artificial light can make the display difficult to see.
By applying Geomatec's next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film, g.moth™, to digital signage, it is possible to reduce reflections and glare from bright light to a minimum.
In addition, metallic mirror and high reflectivity (HR) coatings are used in the reflector parts of liquid crystal displays, contributing to the realization of high brightness screens that are easily visible, even in bright locations.

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Brighter and higher quality projector images through skillful manipulation of light

Our high-performance thin films are even used on the large screens found at events, home theaters, and other places where high resolution projection is required.
In addition to the metallic mirror and high reflectivity (HR) coatings (surface mirrors) essential to projector light that the company has developed since 1953, Geomatec has also explored the use of dichroic filters (mirrors) in color wheel to achieve rich color reproduction. Our long years of experience in this field are reflective of our desire to support the evolution of new and better projectors with greater luminance, sensitivity, and color vibrancy.

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There are even more uses for thin-film technology, beyond the above

Unpublished and undisclosed information exists beyond the above. Uses for Geomatec's thin-film technology continue to expand.
In order to realize your ideas, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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