Stores, Offices & Houses

Technology that adds beauty and easily visibility, supporting the creation of comfortable spaces for all

Providing clearer visibility to stores, offices & houses with thin-film technology

From fashionable stores to stylish offices, our technology supports a daily lifestyle of peace, convenience and comfort. With our help, you can make transparent objects look near invisible, prevent mirror clouding, project video images onto mirrors, and illuminate room interiors with soft light that is gentle on the eyes. Geomatec's high-performance thin films can provide greater visibility and a more attractive appearance to a wide variety of items, contributing to superior atmosphere.


Show cases & Show windows

So thin they're almost invisible, our cases and covers make exhibits easier than ever to see

Have you ever tried to get a better look at the exhibits inside the stylish show window cases at apparel outlets and automobile dealerships, only to have your view obstructed by your own reflection, or reflected light, in the glass?
By applying Geomatec's next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film, g.moth™, to show windows and show cases, it is possible to minimize reflections and glare. This creates an astonishing level of transparency that looks as if there is no window or case there at all and brings out the beauty of exhibits like never before.

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Frames for paintings, Photographs & more

Enable viewers to view the finer details of art to their heart's content without the intruding presence of glass

When viewing paintings, photographs, and other artworks with frames that are behind protective glass, the room's lighting or your own reflection will often appear in the glass, making it difficult to see the artworks.
By applying Geomatec's next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film, g.moth™, to the protective glass, you can achieve a level of visibility that looks as if there were no glass there at all, making the details and brushwork of paintings easier than ever to feel and comprehend.
In addition, by utilizing the control of light offered by our decorative films, artists can give a special color and texture to frames, or even the artworks themselves, expanding possibilities for creative expression.

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Interior decorations


Clear visibility, even in the rainy season or snowy winter

Condensation that builds on windows or booklets due to differences with the temperature outdoors has long been a concern of home and office interiors. By applying a transparent heater to window panes, it is possible to prevent clouding or condesation and preserve clear visibility. This is also useful for preventing the mold that grows from humidity.

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Mirrors near water, in locations such as bathrooms or sinks

Making mirrors near water reflect images clearly without clouding

Have you ever grown frustrated when the mirror in your bathroom or near your sink clouds with steam, even when wiped or blown, and the remaining water turns to stains?
By applying Geomatec's hyrophilic coatings to mirrors, they will not cloud as easily and water droplets will not be left behind, maintaining easy visibility.
In addition, Geomatec's two-way mirror technology can be used to store display devices within mirrors, enabling the mirror to project images such as the weather, time, or television. The result is a mirror that contributes new video experiences to your daily life.

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Create comfortable spaces with natural colors and gentle light

Geomatec's FLAT ITO films are utilized to provide the transparent electrodes necessary for light to be emitted by organic EL (OLED), an exciting next generation technology, Organic EL (OLED) light panels use surface illuminants to emit gentle light with a natural color.
They are also thin, flexible, and conserve energy, enabling superior design with a high degree of freedom. For example, when OLED is used with art exhibitions, it is possible to cut out ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the artworks. Since the light is soft like a shoji screen, it also cuts down on the glare that disrupts viewers.

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There are even more uses for thin-film technology, beyond the above

Unpublished and undisclosed information exists beyond the above. Uses for Geomatec's thin-film technology continue to expand.
In order to realize your ideas, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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