Production Process

Providing high quality, stable manufacture of more than 10,000 thin-film projects per year

At Geomatec, we handle more than just thin-film coatings. We also have the structure and facilities covering every aspect of the process, from precision cleaning of the substrates to be coated, quality inspection after the coating is formed, to evaluation of reliability and durability. In addition, we also operate an ISO9001-certified quality management system that covers both our manufacturing process and quality control procedures.

Basic Process

Below is the basic process of Geomatec's thin-film production. In addition, we also handle the steps that occur before and after substrate procurement, such as the cutting and etching processes

  • Step1 Acceptance inspection of substrate materials
  • Step2 Precision cleaning of substrate materials
  • Step3 Thin-film coatings on substrate materials
  • Step4 Inspection and evaluation of coated products

Details for Each Step

Step1 Acceptance inspection of substrate materials

The first steps of high quality and stable provision

For substrate materials procured by Geomatec or received from customers, we will conduct a detailed inspection to verify not only the size and quantity of the items, but also check for the presence and absence of surface scratches. By verifying that there are no abnormalities, we prevent defective materials from influencing the production line.

Careful inspection to determine presence or absence of surface scratches

Step2 Precision cleaning of substrate materials

To achieve manufacture of high quality thin-film materials, precision cleaning is essential

Using the foam generated by cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cavitation effects, it is possible to clean dirt from the surface of substrate materials.

  • Set the substrate materials to the cassette used with the auto-cleaning line
  • Clean substrate materials using multi-tank continuous automatic cleaning line

Step3 Thin-film coatings on substrate materials

78 machines that fulfill the diverse manufacturing needs for thin films

We will employ our 78 units of thin-film coating equipment, large and small, and utilize the technology and knowledge we have developed over long years of experience to determine the proper mix of processes necessary to achieve the customers' objectives and desired performance.

  • Highly versatile batch machinery, large and small, that can be employed for every step, from prototype to mass production
  • Our mass production line utilizes high-precision robot arms to expand our range of automation and enable high volume coating of large surfaces

Step4 Inspection and evaluation of coated products

Ensure that high quality thin-film products are delivered to our customers

The eyes and hands of technicians, as well as the "eyes" of our machinery, will be used for careful inspection after thin-film coatings. We will not overlook even the smallest scratches or deformities, and provide steady delivery of high-performance, high quality thin-film products.

  • Visual inspections conducted by illuminating the external surface with light in a dark room
  • Measurement of transmission and reflectance rates using a spectrophotometer

Other processes

Geomatec possesses a wide variety of equipment and facilities for testing and verification during the steps before and after coatings, including division of glass and thin-film patterning and etching. Here, we will introduce a few process of that machinery.

Thin-film patterning & etching

By combining technology for thin-film coatings and etching, we can handle a variety of coatings and fine patterns

Mask aligner (lithography)

Temperature & humidity cycle test

By repeatedly forcing shifts in temperature and humidity, we can evaluate the product's reliability and durability in the face of such shifts

Rapid temperature change chambers

Heat resistance test

Evaluate reliability and durability when subjected to heat

Electric furnaces

Humidity test

Evaluate reliability and durability when subjected to humidity

High temperature and humidity testing chamber

Chemical resistance test

Evaluate reliability and durability of chemical resistance

Chemical resistance test

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