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  • The introduction of
    new technology
    "Capacitive Proximity
    and Touch Sensor"

    Thin film coating + Capacitive Sensor
    GEOMATEC's coating technology enables to structure transparent conductive film on any kinds of materials.
    It could be glass, planstic, or metal, and no limits in its shape.
    GEOMATEC's coating technology values a new use of capasitive sensor.

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  • Lighting the way
    to business success
    as your professionals

    in ITO film, film formation,
    and vacuum deposition.

    Why Choose GEOMATEC?

  • About GEOMATEC

    Since its establishment, GEOMATEC has
    cultivated pioneering vacuum coating
    technologies for the betterment of society as a pioneer in the industry. Discover GEOMATEC's strengths, its range of
    businesses, and the concept behind its name.

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  • Thin-Films?
    What's Vacuum Coating?

    A "thin-film" is a film with an extremely low
    thickness in the micrometer and nanometer range. GEOMATEC controls thin-films in units (angstroms) even smaller than nanometers.

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  • Where Are Thin-Film
    Products Used?

    Discover how the GEOMATEC technologies designed into products such as touch
    panels and security cameras play an intricate part in daily life.

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We are going to participate in The IDTechEx Show! (Apr.10-11.2019) hold in Estrel Convention Center in Berlin Germany.

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