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Supporting product improvement for customers with cutting edge, high-performance thin-film technology

Since its founding in 1953, passed down through generations of highly skilled staff members, Geomatec has used its skill and know-how in of thin-film technology to create factories and facilities that are among the largest in the industry and that handle all steps of the process, from prototype to mass production, supporting the improvement of our customers' products.

The four services Geomatec offers

  1. 1.Outsourcing of thin-film manufacturing
    • Outsourcing of thin-film coating only
    • Thin-film coating, including substrate material procurement and post coating process
  2. 2.Technology licensing
  3. 3.Technical consulting
  4. 4.Geomatec Products Purchase & Online Store
  • With 79 units of coating equipment at our disposal, our line is one of the only systems in the world capable of handling any scale of job, from small lots to mass production.
  • We also accept requests for co-development or contractual options, whereby our staff members provide in-house work at customers' factories.

For customers who have doubts about the usefulness of thin-film technology for their products, or who are interested in thin films but lack knowledge of its features and merits, we can explain the process while providing past examples and samples of a portion of our products.

1. Outsourcing of Thin-film Manufacturing

Outsourcing of thin-film coating only

We have multiple factories and facilities in Japan that are capable of handling small and large orders with stable quality and high-performance thin-film coatings.

Using the substrate materials you provide, we will conduct thin-film coatings and provide thin-film equipped products directly to your facilities or to your offices scheduled to handle the after coating process.

Thin-film coating including pre and post processes (substrate material procurement, processing and assembly)

Substrate material procurement Thin-film coating Post coating process

Substrate material procurement

  • Soda lime glasses
  • Non alkali glasses
  • Si wafers
  • Resin films etc.

Thin-film coating

  • Transparent conductive films
  • Metal films
  • Multilayer optical films
  • hydrophilic coatings
  • Water & oil repellent coatings etc.

Post coating process

  • Processing
  • Fine pattering
  • Substrate cutting
  • Frame printing
  • Pasting
  • Annealing etc.

To provide even greater services to our customers, Geomatec has worked with trusted partners to construct a supply chain that offers thin-film coating along with the pre and post processes.

For example, with regard to cover panels for onboard automobile measurement devices, we are capable of accepting batch orders that cover substrate material procurement, processing, fine pattering, substrate cutting, and all other steps involved pre and post coating processes.

2. Technology Licensing

Licensing of design and manufacturing technology

Through its thin-film technology, Geomatec has generated a number of breakthroughs and possesses a range of confidential technologies and patents. We then provide the benefits of that high-performance thin films to you.

If you are unable to outsource to Geomatec due to production processes, location, or any other reason, licensing our technologies of thin-film designing and manufacturing can be an option for your consideration.

3. Technical Consulting

Since its founding in 1953, the skills and know how of Geomatec's technicians have continued to grow. For further information on any of our technologies, please contact us.

4. Geomatec Product Purchase & Online Store

Geomatec products

  • Geomatec brand products: We accept orders for the purchase of our super anti-reflective, super water repellent next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film g.moth™, lenses for laser process machines, transparent heaters and more

  • Small lots & samples: We sell ITO coated glass, electrodes, and other items online at prices that are suitable for university-based research, prototyping and experimentation

Target materials

For customers who are unable to outsource their thin film deposition needs to our factories in Japan, we sell thin-film materials (target materials) developed in-house, such as inorganic high-resistance transparent conductive films.

Inquiries & Requests for Materials

To all who wish to manufacture high-quality, high-performance thin films

Feel free to contact us regarding:

  • Technical licensing and technical consulting for thin-film technology
  • Outsourcing thin-film coating only
  • Outsourcing thin-film coating, including pre and post processes
  • Purchase of Geomatec products
  • Information on other Geomatec thin-film technologies
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