Our High-Performance Thin Films

Inspiring New Ideas with Invisible Thin Films

High-performance thin films work at the nanoscale and carry the potential for countless applications.

5 Points

Point1We offer function at the nanoscale, a plane so thin and sensitive, it is almost invisible

Our thin films are 1/1000th the thickness of kitchen plastic wrap

In general, films that are least 1/2 (5μm) the thickness of plastic wrap are considered thin films. The majority of Geomatec's thin films, however, are measured using nanometers (nm), a unit of measurement even smaller than the micrometer (μm). We have readily available films that are as thin as 10 nm - 1000 nm (1 (μm) in size. Depending on the needs and wishes of the customer, the thickness of the films we apply can be precisely controlled.

Point2A diverse selection of functions that can provide added value to products

By adding functionality that did not exist in the original base material, you can enhance your product's performance

Thin films can be used to reflect light, conduct electricity, repel water, or add many other functions not found in the original base material. They are utilized globally to raise the performance and convenience of products in every industry and field.

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Point3Thin films can be applied in multiple layers

By applying thin film in multiple layers, it is possible to add and combine multiple functions

At Geomatec, we will work with the customer's needs and objectives, such as controlling the flow of electricity while repelling water, to provide the best possible combination of thin films. No matter how complex the combination, the results will be stored as computer data, ensuring stable performance and high quality that is reproducible.

While not every project will require multiple layers of film, a 10 nm film that is applied 100 times will still be only 1/10th the thickness of kitchen plastic wrap.

Point4Thin films can be made in multiple forms with a variety of base materials

If needed, we will even create special machinery to accomplish your needs

  • Our thin films can be coated on almost any material, including glass, resin, metal, and paper
  • We also have a record of creating films in a variety of unique shapes, including flat plates but also curved slopes, film rolls, dome shapes, and cylindrical interiors/exteriors
  • With Geomatec, there is a good chance that we can meet your special needs for shape and material, so please feel free to ask

Point5Our mastery of the technology of thin film has enabled vacuum control of their state and characteristics

The essence of our long years of experience developing vacuum coating technology is at your fingertips

  • By offering nanoscale control of thin film within a vacuum state, we have created thin films with a variety of properties
  • We have over 200 varieties of thin-film targets in stock, enabling many unique functions
  • By researching the technology of vacuum coating over several years, we have developed thin films that can meet the emerging needs of each coming generation

Making Customer's Ideas Real

If you're looking for superior, stable, high-performance thin films, Geomatec is the answer

  • As long as the possibility remains, we will continue to tackle all challenges
  • If you have an idea that you had once given up on, please give us a try
  • Our results and know-how have been responsible for several breakthroughs that continue to contribute value to society
  • We will search out the option that best meets your needs for performance, quality, and cost, and show you the way to it
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