Equipment for Analysis & Measurement

High quality supported by a wealth of equipment, as well as the know how and experience of skilled technicians

At Geomatec, we have a variety of equipment for measurement and analysis, enabling the the realization of advanced technology and reliable quality. Geomatec's capacity for development and quality is supported by the experience, know how, and daily effort of the skilled technicians who make use of our equipment.

Surface Observations

Atomic Force Microscopes: AFM

Using laser light to detect the inter-atomic force between sample surfaces and cantilever tip probes, we control the distance between the sample and the probe to ensure that the force remains consistent while measuring the three dimensions of the sample surface.

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes: FE-SEM

With the sample surface placed inside a vacuum, we measure the secondary electrons and reflected electrons generated when the surface is exposed to electron beams. This enables us to observe the composition and detailed structure of the sample surface.

Scanning White Interference Microscopy

By combining light microscopes and two-beam interference lenses with CCD cameras, we conduct a vertical scan of interference images and measure the sample surface in three dimensions.

Composition Analysis

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry: EDX

With the sample surface inside a vacuum, the characteristic X-rays generated when the surface is exposed to electron beams are measured. This enables us to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as mapping of constituent elements.

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: XPS (ESCA)

With the sample surface placed inside an ultra-high vacuum, we measure the photo-electrons generated when the surface is exposed to x-rays. This enables us to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the sample surface.
In addition, by combining this technique with ion etching at the time of measurement, we can analyze depth direction.

X-ray Diffraction

X-ray Diffraction Devices

By measuring the diffracted x-rays generated when the sample is exposed to x-rays, we are able to identify the material and evaluate its structure. We are also able to measure residual stress.

Indentation Hardness Tests

Micro Vickers Hardness Meters

These devices measure Vickers hardness. Measurement is possible under low load.

Nanoindenters: Microhardness Testing Devices

These devices measure the hardness and Young's modulus of submicron order film.

Other measurement & analysis

Spectrum ellipsometers

By measuring changes in polarization when light is reflected off the sample surface, we conduct fitting analysis of the thin film's refractive index, extinction coefficient, and thickness.

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