Privacy Policy

Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, Geomatec takes the following steps to protect personal information.

  1. 1.By defining rules for the handling of personal information and scheduling improvement of the maintenance of our internal system and privacy policy literacy, we carry out efforts to ensure the appropriate management and protection of personal information.
  2. 2.In the event that we receive personal information from customers, we will inform them of the objective and application, as well as the contact information for an internal liaison, and information will only be collected with the customer's consent.
  3. 3.Personal information on customers will be collected within the scope of the notified objective and used to provide better services and products. Other than the above, information will not be provided or disclosed to a third party, with the exception of the following cases.
    1. Ⅰ.If disclosure is required by laws or regulations
    2. Ⅱ.If we receive questions from customers
    3. Ⅲ.If we receive advance consent from the customer
    4. Ⅳ.If it is necessary to provide information such as name or address to a shipping company for the purpose of delivering products or equipment to customers
    5. Ⅴ.If it is necessary to prevent major harm to the life, health, or finances of the customer or a member of the public
  4. 4.In consideration of the accuracy and soundness of personal information, we carry out measures to prevent illegal access, alteration, destruction, loss, and leakage.
  5. 5.In the event that the customer wishes to confirm or correct their personal information, or terminate service, we will, only upon confirmation of the customer's identity, notify the customer of the personal information, correct the information, or terminate service as desired. However, please note that depending on the content of the customer's requests, it may take from several days to a month from the date of the request to complete procedures.
  6. 6.In the event that Geomatec assigns the processing of personal information to an external contractor, a contract will be signed with an obligation that they not like leak or re-provide the information and we will implement appropriate supervision.
  7. 7.In addition to obeying all relevant laws and regulations, Geomatec will maintain all provisions and safeguards in the above clauses, while also implementing regular and irregular review for the purpose of improvement.

Geomatec is not responsible for the principles or content contained in the personal information policies on other websites linked to by our website.

For questions regarding the above matters, please email: