Sustainability & CSR

CSR Basic Policy

  1. 1.We will prioritize life, safety, and strict compliance with laws in all our corporate activity
  2. 2.We will implement appropriate information disclosure and work to make pro-active public disclosure a company norm
  3. 3.We will implement CSR education and work to establish the results as part of each employee's daily work environment
  4. 4.We will set goals for CSR activity and work to make the determined pursuit of those goals a company norm
  5. 5.By carrying out corporate activities based on CSR principles, we will work create convergence and mutual prosperity for all stakeholders


The corporate activities of the Geomatec group are pursued in conjunction with all stakeholders, including customers, stockholders, investors, employees, business partners, and local communities.
Beginning from positive communication with these many stakeholders, we aim to establish trust and sustained growth.