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Inspiring New Ideas with Invisible Thin Films

GEOMATEC - High-Performance Thin Film Technology Company

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    A leader in vacuum coating technology since 1953
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    Our high-performance thin-film technologies are demonstrate great potential worldwide.
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    We have one of the industry's largest production systems in Japan to support customer needs from prototypes to mass production.
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    We endeavor to create even new coating solutions.


Inspiring New Ideas with Invisible Thin Films

Our invisible thin films work at the fine nanoscale and carry a countless number of potential applications that can help achieve our customers' ideas. Since our founding in 1953, we have dedicated ourselves to research into vacuum coating technology and used our high-performance thin film for the betterment of society.


Geomatec's High-Performance Thin Film is used all over the world

Our high-performance thin-film technology is actively used in a number of industries and applications, including information technology, display devices, and automotive onboard devices. Thanks to its limitless potential, usage continues to expand.

  • Thin films are essential for smartphones and other touch screen devices

    As the technologies that have become Geomatec's calling card, ITO and Transparent Conductive Films are widely used to equip displays with touch screen functions.

  • Maximum prevention of glare on showroom windows

    Like there's no glass there at all, Geomatec has a rich collection of high-performance thin films that suppress glare and reflection, such as the super anti-reflective film, g.moth™.

  • Water drops that touch the surface are swiftly repelled

    Geomatec's high-performance thin-film technology is capable of processing surfaces to make them water and stain repellent, throwing off water droplets as they make contact. The technology is used in surveillance camera cover lenses and more.

  • Radiant and luxurious new possibilities stimulate the imagination of designers

    Our decorative films for luxury products that change in light and will provide designers with new ways to express their individuality.

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Our High-Performance Thin Films

Thin-film technology gives new functionality to existing products.

We offer solutions for the ultimate combination from unlimited possibilities

Geomatec's high-performance thin film technology can reflect light, conduct electricity, repel water, and enable a wide range of other functions that would not have been possible in the base material's original state. Since they can be applied in multiple layers and remain so thin they're almost invisible, our films add immense value to customers' products.

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Examples of optimum combinations:Transparent x heat generating x semi-circular x water repellent = Covers for outdoor surveillance cameras

By coating transparent semicircular resins with ITO and transparent conductive films that conduct electricity, or coatings that repel water and staining substances, we created cover panels equipped with transparent heaters, perfect for use with outdoor surveillance and observation cameras.

By equipping them with transparent heaters, these water repellent and anti-stain films will not only cast off water droplets and stain on contact, they will also prevent clouding, dew concentration, and even frost, ensuring clear broadcast or recording of camera images, whether rain or shine.

Evolution and Diversity of Our Technology

The evolution and diversity of Geomatec's breakthrough technologies

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Geomatec specializes in two thin-film technologies

We primarily use sputtering and vacuum coating for thin-film production. In particular, we pride ourselves on our world class skills and know how with the sputtering method.

Production Process


When a rock is thrown into a puddle, water splashes into the air at high speed. Sputtering operates with that image in mind.

Vacuum Coating

If you place a pot filled with water over a flame, the water will boil and emit water vapor. A plate placed near that water vapor will cloud over. This technique, developed with this image in mind, is called Vacuum Coating.

Production Process

Manufacturing and R&D System

One of the industry's largest manufacturing systems

As a manufacturer specializing in thin-film technology, Geomatec possesses factories and facilities in Japan that are among the industry's largest. Since its founding in 1953, the skills and know how of Geomatec's technicians, built over long years of experience, have been combined with a variety of advanced equipment to handle more than 10,000 projects per year. We provide high-performance and high-quality products to customers around the world.

  • Production &
    Research base

    3 Regions
  • Total floor area (m²)

    41,051+ *Production & Research base
  • Coating equipment

    78 Units
  • Projects

    10,000+ Per year
  • World Class Factories & Facilities

    Geomatec's production and R&D facilities in three locations bring together a variety of connections. Each of our locations has roots in the local region and individual character that can be put to use by customers on their prototypes and mass production.

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  • A Wide Variety of Coating Equipment

    With 78 diverse units of coating equipment, Geomatec embodies both the history and cutting edge of vacuum coating and thin-film technology. Our technicians have the skill and know how, built over years of experience, to meet your needs.

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  • Equipment for Analysis & Measurement

    Helping you achieve advanced technology and stable product quality. Geomatec's capacity for development and quality is supported by the experience, know how, dedication of skilled technicians who make use of a wide range of equipment for analysis and measurement.

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Our Team Supporting Geomatec High-Performance Thin Films

Geomatec employees who drive various business operations
Checking the thin film mold for any scratches or irregularities
Operating large 3000Φ, batch-type sputtering equipment
Transferring fine patterns onto a substrate with the mask aligner
Analyzing the composition of thin films that changes depending on coating conditions

Our Services

The four services Geomatec offers

  1. 1.Outsourcing of thin-film manufacturing
    • Outsourcing of thin-film coating only
    • Thin-film coating, including substrate material procurement and post coating process
  2. 2.Technology licensing
  3. 3.Technical consulting
  4. 4.Geomatec Products Purchase & Online Store

Depending on customers' needs, Geomatec has a contractual structure that is flexible enough to engage in co-development or handle work in house at customers' factories.

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How We Offer

When outsourcing work to Geomatec, the following steps are taken.

  1. 1.Contact us
  2. 2.Discovery & Technical meetings
  3. 3.Estimates
  4. 4.Prototypes & Samples
  5. 5.Thin-film manufacturing (procurement, coating and post process)
  6. 6.Quality Inspection & Shipping Preparation
  7. 7.Delivery

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Our Message

In 1953, Geomatec discovered the possibility of producing thin films using vacuum coating technology. Thin films are essential elements in the development of products in a wealth of industries. Working in nanometers, as thin as one-millionth of a millimeter, our thin-film technology has a huge range of potential, from transmitting electricity, and cutting reflection of light, to high repellency of water and oil. In the early days at Geomatec, we refined optical thin-film technology for use in automobile mirrors, camera lenses, and sunglasses; the success has brought us into the electronics field. We have seen many remarkable innovations in our thin-film technology through over 10-thousand projects every year and thorough Research and Development in response to growing industry and social development. Almost 70 years later, our technology continues to evolve.

Let's take our "ITO film" for example. We began developing the technology back in the 1970s. This transparent electrically conductive thin film has become an integral part of the high-resolution display and touch-sensing capabilities of smartphones and greatly contributed to the successful adoption of smartphones all over the world. When I think about our long-standing expertise in the thin film industry, it makes me proud that our "Transparent conductive film and ITO film" has led to our sputtering method being among the best in the world.

Thin-film technology can expand what is possible in an unlimited range of applications. Furthermore, as the industrial world looks to work within much smaller, thinner and lighter parameters as well as striving for improved productivity, Geomatec's technologies are poised to meet any demands asked of us with our unparalleled knowledge, experience and determination to provide the future advances of the industry.

Invisible but Indefeasible,
Inspiring New Ideas with Thin Films.

Making Customer's Ideas Real

If you're looking for superior, stable, high-performance thin films, Geomatec is the answer

  • As long as the possibility remains, we will continue to tackle all challenges
  • If you have an idea that you had once given up on, please give us a try
  • Our results and know-how have been responsible for several breakthroughs that continue to contribute value to society
  • We will search out the option that best meets your needs for performance, quality, and cost, and show you the way to it
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