Lenses for laser scanning optical systems

F-Theta Lenses

High performance F-Theta lenses, realized by combining lens design techniques with anti-reflective coating technology


Diverse lineup, including options for fundamental waves of Fiber Laser and YAG Laser, SHG and THG, focal lengths, scan areas and color correction.

Features & Strengths

Point1 Superior optical design for minimal spot variation

Point2 Optimized design for diffraction limit

Point3 Wide scan area


Laser marking

Laser marking, a technique for writing letters, symbols, and bar codes without ink.
Our lenses can be utilized in optical systems for laser scanning.

Laser processing

Lasers offer increasingly high output. They can be used for engraving, cutting, drilling, melting, 3D modeling and many other processes.
Depending on the application, the performance required of optical systems also varies. We will propose and design the optimum lens for your needs.


Compact, high-performance F-Theta lenses

Product name Design wavelength
Focal length
Scan Area
max. Beam Diameter
Scan angle
[ ° ]
FT-075 1064 75.06 35.3 x 35.3 φ12 ±18.6
FT-100 101.6 56.5 x 56.5 φ12 ±22.68
FT-150 152.2 86 x 86 φ12 ±22.62
FT-165 165.1 116 x 116 φ12 ±28.5
FT-254 254.0 157 x 157 φ20 ±25.0
FT-270 273.2 164 x 164 φ12 ±24.1
FT-100 SHG 532 101.9 56.5 x 56.5 φ12 ±22.68
FT-165 SHG 165.0 101 x 101 φ16 ±25.0
FT-100 THG-TL 355 114.3 50 x 50 φ10 ±18.05 Telecentric
FT-150 THG 152.8 84 x 84 φ12 ±22.5

*Specifications and measurements listed are design values

*Specifications may change with design improvements

*We can also design customized optics that meet your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.

Measurement chart for F-Theta lenses

Model A [mm] B [mm] L [mm] W [mm] F [mm] M
FT-075 18 11 54.4 72.1 104.6 M60P1
FT-100 18 11 52.3 107.9 126.9 M85P1
FT-150 18 18 54.3 171.2 189.5 M85P1
FT-165 18 18 54 188.1 219.1 M85P1
FT-254 20 20 76 304.6 360.6 M85P1
FT-270 20 16 73.2 313.0 352.5 M85P1
FT-100 SHG 18 13.5 64.5 94.5 127.2 M85P1
FT-165 SHG 18 22 52.6 193.5 228 M85P1
FT-100 THG-TL 13 22.5 106.1 109.86 163.9 M85P1
FT-150 THG 18 16 94.3 126.6 183.9 M85P1

*Measures A&B are recommended values.

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