The history and forefront of thin-film technology at your fingertips

Inspiring New Ideas with Invisible Thin Films

Geomatec was founded in 1953 and since then, we have been a leading provider in the technology of vacuum coating, sharing our wealth of knowledge with subsequent generations of technicians. Our factories and facilities are among the largest in the industry and are capable of handling every step of the process, from research and development to mass production. Harnessing the power of thin film technology, we continually produce the breakthroughs that help realize our customers' ideas.

  • Base regions 3 Regions

  • Total floor area (㎡) 41,051+ Production & research base

  • Coating equipment 78 Unites

  • Number of projects 10,000+ Per year

Making Customer's Ideas Real

If you're looking for superior, stable, high-performance thin films, Geomatec is the answer

  • As long as the possibility remains, we will continue to tackle all challenges
  • If you have an idea that you had once given up on, please give us a try
  • Our results and know-how have been responsible for several breakthroughs that continue to contribute value to society
  • We will search out the option that best meets your needs for performance, quality, and cost, and show you the way to it
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