Public Spaces & Transportation Infrastructure

Supporting a society that offers daily comfort, safety, and convenience

Thin-film technology contributes to the realization of a comfortable, safe, and convenient society

With the goal of safe, reliable, and comfortable community building, public spaces and transportation infrastructure continue to evolve, whether in terms of daily lifestyle or tourist demand. As reflected in our corporate philosophy, creating a rich, vibrant future through fusion of the earth, humanity, and technology, Geomatec's high-performance thin-film technology has many applications for institutions and facilities, including the traffic signals and surveillance cameras that contribute to community safety and peace of mind, digital signage that offers increased convenience, and next-generation solar cells that benefit the environment. Our goal is no less than consideration of the environment and the development of a society where all can live in comfort.

Public facilities

Surveillance & Observation Camera Lenses

Obtain solid video records with clear visibility, achieved by preventing dew condensation and accumulation of snow

By applying Geomatec's transparent heaters to the lenses of surveillance and observation cameras, it is possible to prevent accumulation of snow and frost, as well as dew condensation and clouding, ensuring clear visibility, even when used outdoors in regions of high snowfall or humidity. Furthermore, Geomatec is capable of applying transparent heaters to not only flat surfaces but also equipment with curved and semi-circular surfaces, enabling use with a variety of camera designs. This contributes to superior video records, taken via fixed-point observation.

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Digital signage

Making displays and touch screens easier than ever to see by minimizing reflections and glare

You may have noticed the increased presence of digital signage at train stations, airports, hotels, and commercial complexes. While these offer a new level of convenience to visitors, reflections when the screen is lit by strong sunlight or artificial light can make the display difficult to see.
By applying Geomatec's next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film, g.moth™, to digital signage, it is possible to reduce reflections and glare from bright light to a minimum. In addition, metallic mirror & high reflectivity (HR) coatings are used in the reflector parts of liquid crystal displays, contributing to the realization of high brightness screens that are easily visible, even in bright locations.

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Dye-sensitized solar cells

Addressing issues with dye-sensitized solar cells, the next generation in solar energy

These cells generate ample electricity, even in environments with low levels of sunlight, and can be produced in a flexible variety of colors and weights. Though expectations are high for their use with architecture and infra-sensing technology, issues have remained with the manufacturing process.
Geomatec's high-durability transparent conductive films address those problems. In doing so, we have contributed to the spread of dye-sensitized solar cells.
Further, with additional application of hydrophilic coatings (anti-fingerprint & anti-smudge) and transparent heaters, it is possible to wash dirt and melt snow that has affixed to solar cells, helping reduce their negative effects on efficient power generation.

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Fluid level sensors as a disaster prevention measure

Sensors capable of remotely monitoring fluid levels for use with disaster prevention

By applying Geomatec's capacitive proximity sensors, it is possible to measure fluid-level data from outside the container, without direct contact. Further, by transmitting the measured data, it is possible to achieve remote monitoring.
Our capacitive proximity sensors have many sensing and monitoring applications that are important to the IoT Age, such as important disaster prevention measures like rain gauges and supervision of fluid levels within tanks.

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Road & Traffic facilities

Signal indicators

Prevent snow from accumulating on signal indicators, preserving safe flow of traffic in snowy regions

During winter in snowy regions, obstruction of signal indicators and display lamps due to snow and frost can make it difficult so see the color of blinking signal lights, interfering with normal operation. As adoption of LED lamps increases, issues with accumulation of frost and snow on the lamps have proved a challenge, due to the fact that they generate less heat than traditional filament lamps.
By applying Geomatec's transparent heaters to signal indicators and lamps, it is possible to prevent accumulation of snow or frost on the lamps during times of snowfall, contributing to safe traffic flow along roads and railroad tracks.

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Road guidance system

Making it easier to stay on the road in regions of high snowfall

When your surroundings are covered in pure white snow and frost, it becomes impossible to determine where roads begin and end... when that happens, visual guidance systems that illuminate the edges and contours of roads provide peace of mind. By applying Geomatec's transparent heaters to the light sources of these guidance systems, it is possible to protect them from snowfall, ensuring that they will not become buried unseen by snow and frost, thus providing continue safety and peace of mind through roadside guidance.

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There are even more uses for thin-film technology, beyond the above

Unpublished and undisclosed information exists beyond the above. Uses for Geomatec's thin-film technology continue to expand.
In order to realize your ideas, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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