In support of safe, worry-free, comfortable driving

Thin-film technology supports the safe, worry-free, comfortable driving of automobiles

More than half a century has passed since Geomatec's products were first adopted for use with mirrors by Japan's world class auto makers in 1959. Today's automotive industry is on the verge of a major turning point, via the advent of Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Service, and Electric cars.
Geomatec is committed to supporting the safety, reliability, and comfort of automobiles from several angles, using not only the mirror technology we have developed over long years of experience but also by employing anti-reflective technology to increase visibility and skillfully control optical features, thus improving the quality of imagery received from the infrared sensors that are part of driver safety support systems.

Interiors & Comfortable Spaces

Automobile display devices

Prevent glare and make displays easier to see

By enabling the cover panels that protect onboard displays to conform to large and curved screens, Geomatec has contributed to the next generation of cockpit design.
Further, in addition to anti-reflective processing for cover panels, as well as anti-fingerprint & anti-stain coatings, you can rely on Geomatec to provide high-performance thin-film technology that ensures comfortable control and beautiful imagery for touch screen displays.

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Heads up displays (HUD)

Stable and convenient image projection within the driver's line of sight

A heads up display (HUD) is a convenient system that projects information, such as data from speedometers or the right and left turn instructions provided by car navigation systems, within the line of sight of the driver. However, the projection devices used by the system must be able to withstand the harsh temperatures generated by the strong direct sunlight that enters through the car's windshield.
By coating the devices with Geomatec's UV and/or IR cut-off filters and cold mirrors, it is possible to prevent temperatures from rising and contribute to the safe operation of equipment.

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Rooftop windows (sun roofs & moon roofs)

Blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays to ensure a comfortable automobile interior

Rooftop windows are also subjected to strong direct sunlight, but by coating panes with Geomatec's UV and/or IR cut-off filters & cold mirrors, it is possible to block the infrared rays that lead to rising temperatures within the automobile, while also protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. The effects make driving more comfortable.
In addition, by applying our electro-magnetic wave shields to rooftop window panes, it is possible to block the intrusion of electro-magnetic waves and contribute to safe operation of onboard electronic devices.

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Interior lighting

Movement sensors that switch lights on and off simply by motioning your hand

Capacitive proximity sensors can detect switch operations via gestures as simple as raising one's hand toward the ceiling. They contribute to comfortable control of your onboard devices, even when parking on dark nights or spending the night in your car, by eliminating the need for passengers to search for buttons or press hard on switches.

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Interior decorative parts

Achieve luxurious surroundings through the beautiful colors and textures of decorative thin films

A beautiful automobile is the product of passion from end to end. At times, that can mean seeking expressions that were once thought impossible, leading to designs that break the boundaries of conventional wisdom. Further, in the case of cockpit design, due consideration must be paid to the influence of reflections and glare on windshields, speedometers, and other displays.
Geomatec's decorative films for luxury products are available not only in lustrous metallic colors, but also textures with less lustre, like satin or jet black, to suppress reflections or glare. Let these colors and textures, each with a charm that differs from painting or plating, prove useful to your latest designs.

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Safe Facilities & Safe Driving Assistance Systems

Onboard cameras and sensors

Superior visibility for safe driving in rain or snow

Utilized with rear-view cameras, 360° surround view systems (around view monitors), the sensors that are part of safe driving support systems, and more. By applying Geomatec's transparent heaters or metallic flexible thin-film heaters to the protective covers (window-fit) for onboard cameras and sensors, it is possible to prevent frost and clouding from dew or snow. In addition, by combining the above films with our hydrophilic coatings (anti-fingerprint & anti-smudge), you can ensure clear visibility on rainy, snowy, or sunny days, even when driving through areas like underground tunnels, where the differences in atmospheric temperature can lead to intense clouding of window panes and ensure a safe, worry-free driving experience.

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Rear-view mirrors

Electronic mirrors, auto anti-glare rear view mirrors. Convenient rear-view mirrors with secure rear visibility

Geomatec's two-way mirror technology was vital in the realization of electronic mirrors (intelligent mirrors) and new devices that make it possible for secure rear visibility, via video from a rear camera or projection of maps and drive recorder images, even when your line of sight is blocked by passengers or luggage, .
In addition, Geomatec also provides electrode films for electrochromic (EC) mirrors that can be used with auto anti-glare rear view mirrors to dampen the brightness of headlights that emerge from vehicles approaching from the rear at night. If you are in need of convenient, easily view-able mirrors, just ask Geomatec.

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Door mirrors

Preventing glare and condensation to ensure clear rear view visibility

Geomatec provides electrode films for electrochromic (EC) mirrors that are well-suited to auto anti-glare rear view mirrors, devices that dampen the headlight brightness of cars approaching from the rear and lessen driver stress.
In addition, by further applying hydrophilic coatings or flexible thin-film heaters, it is possible to repel water droplets and prevent clouding, contributing to stress-free driving by ensuring clear rear visibility, even on days when it rains or when the temperature fluctuates drastically.
As electronic door mirrors become more commonplace in the future, application of hydrophilic coatings to the cameras that accompany the mirrors will help prevent condensation or clouding.

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Headlights, Fog lights & Rear headlights

Transparent heaters prevent lamp frost

Since the LED lamps recently used for automobile headlights generate less heat than traditional halogen or HID lamps, the snow that accumulated on the lamps had a tendency to dampen headlight intensity. By applying transparent heaters, products that utilize Geomatec's trademark transparent conductive films and ITO films, to head lights, the transparency will allow unobstructed transmission of light while its heating functions simultaneously melt snow while driving in snowy conditions, contributing to safe, worry-free driving.

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There are even more uses for thin-film technology, beyond the above

Unpublished and undisclosed information exists beyond the above. Uses for Geomatec's thin-film technology continue to expand.
In order to realize your ideas, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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