Information Security Policies

Geomatec handles large volumes of information such as product information and personal information on its customers. The Company considers this information to be of great importance and warranting constant protection against risks such as data loss, leakage, or unauthorized alteration. In correspondence with this consideration, Geomatec has established the following information-security efforts and implements measures to ensure thorough awareness of and compliance with these efforts among all members of management, employees, and visitors to company premises.

1. Information-security efforts

Recognizing the importance of information security, Geomatec implements companywide efforts to manage information assets appropriately and to make continuous improvements to continuously improve.

2. Observing laws, regulations, etc. (establishing compliance)

Geomatec complies with laws and regulations, established standards, and other norms related to information security and works to build and maintain a compliance program in accordance with the same.

3. Protection of information assets

Geomatec implements controls to thoroughly ensure the confidentiality, completeness, and usability of information assets, and works to protect information assets from all threats to these attributes.

4. Education and training

In addition to raising awareness of information security among management and employees, Geomatec carries out education and training under its information-security compliance program.

5. Responding to incidents

In addition to taking measures to prevent information-security problems, in the unlikely event one does occur, Geomatec responds swiftly and appropriately to not only remedy the immediate problem but also prevent any repeat occurrence in the future.