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IMITO (Index-Matched ITO) Films


Designed for minimal changes in refractive index and transmittance changes in refractive index, transmittance, etc.

Integrating our long-cultivated ITO and optics technologies, GEOMATEC has made possible optical designs matched to customer needs.
GEOMATEC runs detailed simulations of customer specifications and proposes new film designs to meet desired performance in whatever aspect, whether it be interfacial reflection or transmittance-focused design.

Product Construction and Advantages

Example of an IMITO Film's Structure

IMITO films are individually designed for their purpose. For example, in the case of liquid-crystal panels for front-panel projectors, the entirety of the passing light's interactions with the panel, from incidence to emission, would be considered to design a film structure with maximum transmittance.

Typical Applications

GEOMATEC's IMITO films are found in devices such as liquid-crystal panels for front-panel projectors and touch panels.

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