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Dichroic Mirrors and Beam Splitters


Variety and Customizability

Dichroic mirrors and beam splitters are optical thin-film products that reflect, transmit, separate, or combine specific wavelengths (colors) and polarization components.
Our dichroic mirrors and beam splitters are fabricated with our multilayer dielectric coatings, the result of years of refined and collected GEOMATEC technologies. When used for liquid-crystal projectors and optical pickups, these mirrors and beam splitters meet exacting specifications for transmittance, reflectance, and angular dependence with minimal absorption or dispersion.


Dichroic Mirrors

Dichroic mirrors are used to extract light of a required wavelength range by reflection. The wavelength range and reflection band can be designed as desired. In addition to visible light, dichroic mirrors are also capable of extracting light in the infrared range.

Dichroic Prisms

By applying a red dichroic mirror (red-reflecting film) and blue dichroic mirror (blue-reflecting film) to a single prism, red, green, and blue lights entering the prism from three directions can be merged into a single beam of light in one direction. Or, by reversing the path, a single beam of light from one direction can be split into its red, green, and blue components.

Beam Splitter

By diverting certain polarizations of light for other uses, an incoming light source can be more efficiently used.

Typical Applications

GEOMATEC's dichroic mirrors and beam splitters are used in digital cameras, mobile phones, projectors, and other devices.

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