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Optical Components for Lasers


GEOMATEC's optical components for lasers are designed for a range of wavelengths

GEOMATEC fabricates products such as fθ lenses and beam expander lenses to work with a wide variety of wavelength ranges.

Product Overview

fθ Lenses

GEOMATEC's fθ lens serves as a marker in YAG laser processing devices by tracking the diffraction limits of aberrations within the scanning area. This extremely compact, high-performance fθ lens delivers a bit diameter suitable to optimum processing conditions for both detailed and extensive processing.

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Beam Expander Lenses for YAG Lasers

The beam expander lens is an optical component used to expand a laser beam into a wider parallel beam of light. GEOMATEC manufactures four types of beam expander lenses to accommodate a variety of uses.
GEOMATEC can offer consulting to customers wishing to develop customized optical components for specific processing systems.

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Laser Mirrors

Laser mirrors, essential components of laser processing devices, use multilayer dielectric films that neither absorb nor disperse light and can be designed for lasers of any type. Depending on the substrate and coating materials, GEOMATEC's laser mirrors can even be applied to high-output lasers.

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