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ITO Films for Color Filters


GEOMATEC meets customer needs by optimizing coating substances and conditions.

Over many years, customers have widely come to appreciate our transparent conductive ITO films.
Applicable to any scale, from a single prototype or unit to mass production, GEOMATEC uses low-temperature coating technology to fabricate ITO films with highly reliable resistance, transmission, and etchability without subjecting fragile color filter substrates to thermal shock.

Product Construction and Advantages

When necessary, GEOMATEC can process prototypes with the same equipment used for mass production, ensuring a seamless transition from prototype to mass production.
For customers requiring films for color filter applications, GEOMATEC can form a highly precise ITO pattern by blocking out unnecessary areas with special mask coating techniques. This approach eliminates etching processes and reduces manufacturing costs.

Graph of ITO Film-Coated Glass

The transmittance stays high at every level of resistance.

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