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Transparent Conductive Films - ITO and ZnO


Transparent conductive films are used in wide-ranging applications such as flat displays and solar cells

GEOMATEC selects from a variety of coating methods and conditions based on customer needs, to providing transparent conductive films (ITO films) with high transparency, low resistance, and excellent etchability.
GEOMATEC also employs low-temperature and non-thermal coating methods to minimize damage of heat-sensitive substrates, such as color filters and resin.

Transparent conductive films can be used for wide-ranging applications by adjusting the film thickness and resistance, as shown below.

Applications compared to film thickness, film resistance

Maximum Substrate Size

Manufacturing Factory Maximum Supported Size
Kannari Factory, Miyagi Prefecture 730mm x 920mm
Ako Factory, Hyogo Prefecture 730mm x 920mm
Wuxi Factory 500mm x 500mm

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