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Optically Functional Films


From digital products like projectors, digital cameras, and mobile phones all the way to industrial measuring equipment, GEOMATEC's optical functional films are used in a large range of applications.

From single units and prototypes to mass production, from glass to plastic, GEOMATEC provides excellent quality, cost, and delivery.

By fusing cutting-edge coating technology with our optical thin films ? refined by GEOMATEC for over six decades since its founding ? we are prepared to meet any customer needs.

Optical Thin-Film Coating Equipment

1900mm Deposition equipment

ø 1900mm Deposition equipment

Multi-layer sputtering equipment (RAS)

Multi-layer sputtering equipment (RAS)

Coating Method Variations

GEOMATEC uses various coating methods including such as electron beam (EB) deposition, ion-assisted deposition, high-power ion-assisted deposition, plasma-assisted deposition, and reactive sputtering.

Substrate Sizes

GEOMATEC accommodates substrate sizes with edges ranging from 5mm to 500mm.

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