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Optical Control

Anti-Reflection & Anti-Glare

Next gen. moth-eye-inspired coating film g.moth™

Download (PDF:1.3MB)[PDF]

Attach the next-generation film with moth-eye structure to any transparent material, such as glass, to make it appear completely transparent. Our next-generation film with moth-eye structure, "g.moth™", is highly water-repellent, solving the problem with conventional moth-eye films which lacked durability.

For displays & touch screensCover Panels

Download (PDF:837KB)[PDF]

For cover panels protect the displays and touch panels inside automobiles and aircraft with bigger screens or curved glass shapes.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings

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Our anti-reflective (AR) coatings prevent glare by suppressing visible light. We design to match sensor or laser wavelengths, maximizing performance. Also, several varieties of anti-reflective (AR) coatings possible to meet the needs of your application.

For night vision & thermography Infrared (IR) Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings

Download (PDF:66KB)[PDF]

With Geomatec's Infrared (IR) anti-reflective (AR) coatings, the reflection of infrared rays is effectively minimized, contributing to improved thermographic and night-vision performance.

Optical Reflection, Transmission, Separation & Synthesis

For digital rear view mirrors & intelligent rear view mirrorsTwo-way Mirrors

Download (PDF:819KB)[PDF]

For automobile smart mirrors/electronic mirrors, or magic mirrors that have a light side which shows reflections and a dark side which is transparent, we will provide the optimum light transmittance and reflectance rate needed for your application.

Metallic Mirrors & High Reflectivity (HR) Coatings

Download (PDF:1.1MB)[PDF]

For mirrors that require high reflectance and superior optical characteristics, such as those used in video projectors, liquid crystal displays, astronomical telescopes, and other products.

UV and/or IR Cut-Off Filters & Cold Mirrors

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Filters that reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and heat rays. Mirrors that reflect only visible light. Using the technique of applying multiple layers of optical film, efficient light control is achieved.

Dichroic Filters (Mirrors) & Band-pass Filters

Download (PDF:48KB)[PDF]

With dichroic (mirrors) filters that transmit (or reflect) specific colors of light only, or band-pass filters and others that transmit specific wavelengths of light at controllable ranges, it is possible to freely control light.

Laser Optical Components

Laser Beam Expanders

Download (PDF:823KB)[PDF]

High performance Laser Beam Expanders, realized by combining lens design techniques with anti-reflective coating technology.

Lenses for laser scanning optical systemsF-Theta Lenses

Download (PDF:796KB)[PDF]

High performance F-Theta lenses, realized by combining lens design techniques with anti-reflective coating technology.

Laser Mirrors

Download (PDF:159KB)[PDF]

Using metallic mirror coatings or dielectric multi-layers, we will realize optimum performance.

Light Shielding (Absorption & Refection)

Light-Shielding Coatings

Download (PDF:49KB)[PDF]

Black films that suppress reflection of light. By combining the technology of metallic thin films and optical thin films, we have achieved high-performance blackened films.

Neutral Density Filters (ND Filters)

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With filters that attenuate light according to specific ratios or variable filters that change the volume of attenuation, we can customize according to your objectives.

Electricity Control

Anti-Static & Electromagnetic

Inorganic High-Resistance Transparent Conductive Films

Download (PDF:796KB)[PDF]

Geomatec has upturned conventional wisdom with transparent conductive films that are not only highly transparent but also have superior durability, thanks to our unique technology that makes no use of organic matter.

Preventing malfunction of electric equipmentElectromagnetic Wave Shield Coatings

Download (PDF:174KB)[PDF]

Geomatec's Electro-Magnetic Wave Shield reduces electromagnetic waves coming from transparent surfaces such as display cover panels or automobile rooftop windows.

Transparent Conducting Electrodes

ITO Films for Capacitive Touch Screens

Download (PDF:749KB)[PDF]

Optimum shape of transparent conductive film to match structure, whether film or glass.
Achieve high performance with film technology that responds well to low-temperature processes.


Download (PDF:753KB)[PDF]

For organic thin-film devices, conductive films with a smooth surface are best.
We provide films that can be used even without polishing.

For solar cellsHigh-Durability Transparent Conductive Films

Download (PDF:834KB)[PDF]

Our transparent conductive films can withstand the high temperatures necessary to manufacture solar energy cells.

Non-Precious Metal ZnO Transparent Conductive Films

Download (PDF:165KB)[PDF]

At Geomatec, we provide a wide variety of transparent conductive films, such as those made by adding Gallium to ZnO to make GZO or Aluminum to make AZO. Expectations are high for new applications, including use in flat panel displays.

Metal Electrodes

Fine electrode patternsMetal Electrode Films

Download (PDF:735KB)[PDF]

We have been making metallic films for over half a century. Take advantage of our know-how, built through the use of all variety of metals.


Increase visibility & maintain device functionality Transparent Heaters

Download (PDF:1.4MB)[PDF]

Transparent heaters prevent dew condensation, accumulation of snowfall and frost to enhance the visibility of cameras, as well as windows and other objects that require high transparency.

Bendable thin-film heatersMetallic Flexible Thin-Film Heaters

Download (PDF:751KB)[PDF]

Add warming functions to the limited space available on products of various forms and sizes to prevent dew condensation and frost of onboard devices.

Sensing & Measurement

Flexible temperature sensorsThin Thermocouples

Download (PDF:177KB)[PDF]

Our thin thermocouples were created by combining heat-resistant film with thin films. They can be customized with different shapes, measurement point locations, and numbers of units, depending on what you want to measure.

Add Functionality to Surface

Water & Oil Repellent

Anti-fingerprint & anti-stain coatingsWater & Oil Repellent Coatings

Download (PDF:920KB)[PDF]

Repelling fingerprints and oil makes surfaces easier to clean.

Drip-proof & anti-fog coatingsHydrophilic Coatings

Download (PDF:810KB)[PDF]

Prevent clouding from water droplets and preserve clear visibility.

Permeation Prevention

Prevent permeation of water vapor & oxygen Gas Barrier Coatings

Download (PDF:186KB)[PDF]

By coating substrate materials like resin films with Geomatec's gas barrier coatings, it is possible to prevent transmittance of steam, oxygen, and other gases at a high level.

Luxurious Decoration

For luxury productsDecorative Films

Download (PDF:72KB)[PDF]

From metallic tone and gradation to decorations that seem to change color depending on the viewing angle, with thin film technology, you can realize decorative and artistic coating that couldn't be accomplished with plating or paint.

Other Services

Primary mirror & diagonal mirror anti-reflective film repairTelescope Reflector Recoating

Download (PDF:44KB)[PDF]

The primary and diagonal mirrors used in reflective astronomical telescopes are subject to gradual degradation from rain, condensation, dirt and mold. Geomatec can re-apply anti-reflective film to damaged primary and diagonal mirrors, making them function like new.

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