Flexible temperature sensors

Thin Thermocouples


Our thin thermocouples were created by combining heat-resistant film with thin films.
They can be customized with different shapes, measurement point locations, and numbers of units, depending on what you want to measure.

Features & Strengths

Point1 Slight thickness achieved by using film as a base material

The thermocouples are formed using 7.5 μm thin films as the base film material. They are ultra thin, measuring a total of 12 μm.

Point2 Made smaller using fine processing technology, they can be used to measure temperatures in narrow or complex areas Measurement capability

They make it possible to measure temperatures in tiny openings, inside machines, or in high pressure environments.

Point3 Flexible layout

They can be designed according to the desired shape of elements, measurement locations, or targets to be measured.

Point4 High response rate

Since they are low in heat capacity, they can respond quickly to changes in temperature.


Temperature measurement of electronic parts

Measure temperatures, even in tight gaps or intricate spaces

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Temperature control & Monitoring during experiments

Our extremely thin, highly heat-resistant temperature sensors can be used in a variety of experiments

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Measure temperature of heated rollers

The temperature of heated rollers can be measured directly when crimped.


Manufacturing examples

The thermocouples can be produced with elements shaped as needed, such as multi-point measurement, thermopile, and the target of direct measurement.

Standards GMT-TC-NB7.5,GMT-TC-SB7.5
Element varieties Nickel-base alloys
Measured temperature range -40 to 200 ℃
Tolerance Class 1 Equivalency (JISc1605 Standard) *1
Measurement precision within ±1.0℃ *1,2
Pattern range 0.5 mm
Thickness (including film) Approximately 12µm
Base material types Polyimide film
Protective film Polyimide resins
Lead wire Chromel wire/Alumel wire
Lead wire coating Teflon coating (heat resistance: +200 ℃)
Pressure resistance <1MPa *3
Heat resistance No damage after 10 hours at 230 ℃
Flex resistance R≧0.5 mm (Repeated flexing resistance: 250,000 times)
Thermal shock resistance -40 to 200 ℃, unbroken at five cycles

*1 100 ℃ Value at the time of measurement

*2 2 measurement values after correction

*3 Parallel plates at the time of film's axial compression

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