Compliance & Risk Management

Geomatec believes that to conduct healthy, fair business among all related stakeholders, and to maintain value with potential for growth, it is important to obey all laws, social norms, and professional ethics (compliance), as well as manage risks during business operations.

Along with the laws, social norms, and professional ethics that formed the basis for the guidelines in the corporate code of conduct drafted in April, 2006, Geomatec utilizes its internal homepage and network to guide and educate employees on the goal of increased compliance awareness.

To ensure compliance with important regulations, such as the laws on personal information protection, we will do everything in our power to maintain healthy, fair business practices. This includes dramatic restructuring of internal systems for purposes of operational security.

Geomatec is committed to healthy, fair business practices

Compliance System

Operating under the guidance of the board of directors, Geomatec has instituted a 20-member compliance committee composed of executives and representatives from each division. The committee is responsible for determining overall policy and business content, creating schedules, and providing compliance guidance and education.
Geomatec prioritizes strict compliance with laws, regulations, social norms, and ethics in all its business.

  1. 1.Implementation

    At our general shareholders' meeting, Geomatec conducts product exhibitions and explanations at the venue, along with video-based business reports, to ensure our shareholders possess a deeper understanding of the content and nature of our business.

    1. 1.1Divisions Responsible for Implementation and Promotio

      Drafting and implementation of the "Code of Conduct" will be handled by the "Compliance Committee" and a division will be created within the committee for that purpose. The Compliance Committee defines the code of conduct and provides approval for operational matters, while the executive office (led by the head office's General Affairs department with divisions in each place of business) implements and promotes measures.

      Compliance Map
    2. 1.2Temporary, Contract and Regular Employees

      1. 1.As members of our team, temporary, dispatched, and contract employees must understand the code of conduct and behave with sincerity.
      2. 2.Staff at the employment agency providing dispatched employees must explain the rules of the code of conduct and provide continual supervision.
    3. 1.3 Communication Regarding the Code of Conduct

      For matters related to the code of conduct that cannot be resolved within the workplace or are inappropriate for consultation with an employee's supervisor, or for general questions on the code of conduct itself, please contact the hotline.

      Rest assured that we will provide strict protection of your name and any information that could violate your privacy. If the employee remains concerned, the suggestion box within each office can be used to submit anonymous communications.


    • The General Affairs division, general affairs managers from each office, employee representatives
    • Email (Committee members, attorneys)
    • Contributions
  2. 2.Measures to Deal with Violations of the "Code of Conduct"

    Employees who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary measures, as defined in the employment guidelines. In addition, if the violator is found to have acted with malice or gross negligence, the company may institute fines corresponding to the economic damage absorbed by the company.

  3. 3.Defining and Amending the "Code of Conduct"

    Amendment or abolition of the content contained in the general principles begins with a proposal from the executive committee that is then reviewed by the compliance committee and confirmed at a management conference.

  4. 4.Implementation Date

    The current code was made effective on April 1, 2006
    Through sustained education and review of awareness, Geomatec has sought to compliance a core part of our corporate culture.

Defined Corporate Code of Conduct

In order to operate with a strict eye on compliance, Geomatec has defined a corporate Code of Conduct.

  1. 1.Stance Toward Customers

    • We will conceive business initiatives from the customers' perspective and place ourselves in the customers' shoes during all aspects of our work (Sincerity)
    • We will deliver safety and peace of mind to all who use our products, parts, and services (Safety, Peace of Mind)
    • We will protect the privacy of our customers (Confidentiality)
  2. 2.Stance toward Employees

    • We will not treat employees differently on the basis of sex, age, position, or place of origin and will respect all staff members as part of one team (Human Rights)
    • We will work with a positive attitude, as well as pride in the company and our work, no matter what workplace we are assigned to (Pride)
    • We give full consideration to workplace safety and endeavor to prevent accidents. When signs of abnormality or danger are discovered, we will work immediately to institute optimum safety measures and continually plan for the placement of equipment necessary to ensure the health of our employees. In this way, we will improve our workplace environment (Maintenance of Safety, Health and Hygiene)
    • Each of us carries the responsibility to achieve necessary results (Self Reliance)
    • We prohibit sexual harassment or any behavior that can be considered as malicious or inappropriately discriminatory toward subordinates or any other employee (Prohibition of Harassment)
    • In consideration of the human rights of our employees, as defined in international treaties and laws, we will honor labor agreements and other guarantees to our "regular employees" and other staff, while also conducting sufficient discussion between labor and management to promote a work environment in which everyone can cooperate toward the achievement of corporate goals (Healthy Relationship Between Labor and Management)
    • Evaluation and treatment of our "regular employees" will be determined according to fair rules, based on the operational capacity, responsibilities, and performance of each staff member (Fair evaluation and Treatment)
  3. 3.Stance Toward Business Partners

    • Reasonable decisions will be made with regard to selection of suppliers from among those trading partners who can fulfill objective procurement standards (Selection of Suppliers)
    • We will respect the companies we do business with as important partners (Partnership)
    • We will maintain a fair relationship with our business partners on a contractual basis (Contracts)
    • We will conduct fair and ethical transactions (Ethics)
    • We prohibit our "regular employees" from using their position to obtain money, valuables, or other tangible or intangible benefits. We also prohibit them from accepting personal remuneration or commission for operation-related matters (Gifts and Entertainment)
    • With regard to transactions with external trading partners, we will honor the obligations assigned to business entities in the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontractors and will not abuse our advantageous position to conduct unfair business practices (Transactions with Outside Contractors)
  4. 4.Attitude Toward Shareholders

    • We will actively disclose information and maintain a high level of transparency with regard to sales and management (Business Transparency)
    • We will conduct business that gives birth to healthy profits (Shareholder Profit)
    • We accept the responsibility to explain our business practices and will promote understanding (Responsibility to Explain)
    • In accordance with fair accounting practices, we will do our best to ensure that financial reports do not contain false information and conduct truthful reporting to stockholders, government offices and other parties to whom reporting is obligated (Reporting of Accurate Financial Information)
    • We will do our best to ensure that earned profits are appropriately returned to stockholders and all other stakeholders (Concerned Parties), while also planning for appropriate internal reserves (Appropriate Distribution of Profits)
    • We will not seek any financial benefit for the exercise of shareholder rights. In addition, at general shareholders' meetings, we will not make requests that prevent stockholders from exercising their rights, provide financial benefit in exchange for such, or make promises to provide such (Prohibition of Direct Financial Benefit)
    • We prohibit insider trading, due to the confusion it creates in the market and the damage it does to our shareholders' profits. When employees learn important facts about the company or other companies in the course of their duties, they may not use that information to trade stock in the companies unless that information has already been made public.
  5. 5.Stance Toward the Industry

    • We will conduct free, transparent, and healthy market-driven competition (Free Market Principles)
    • We will respect the rights and assets of other companies, while also protecting the rights and assets of our own (Rights of other companies)
    • We will provide high quality products and services, and advertise their necessity and convenience (Necessity of Products and Services)
    • To respect the intellectual property and rights of other people and companies, we will obtain licenses for use via appropriate methods and procedures (Respect of Intellectual Property)
    • In the event that we obtain undisclosed information on our competitors (corporate information, sales information, patent information), any use of that information will be conducted via legal and appropriate means (Legal and Appropriate Information Acquisition)
  6. 6.Stance Toward Government Institutions and Politicians

    • In addition to obeying all relevant laws and regulations, we will pursue business practices which have positive social benefit (Compliance with Laws)
    • We will obey the Public Offices Election Act, the Political Funds Control Act, and any other laws relating to political action. We will not make financial contributions to individual politicians, as prohibited by law, or make contributions to any political party that exceed the legal limits (Political Contributions)
    • When asked by a court of law, law enforcement officer, tax authority, fair trade commission, supervisory labor standard authority, or related agencies for reports, we will cooperate, except when information is protected by an obligation of confidentiality (Response to Relevant Authorities)
  7. 7.Stance Toward Society

    • We will respect the social customs and norms of each region where we do business and contribute to community development (Respect for Society and Communities)
    • As members of the regional community, we will participate in local community activities (Local Communication)
    • We will respect the love of community expressed by local residents and consider the community in our business practices (Healthy Relationship with Local Residents)
    • Each of our employees will think and behave in a way that contributes to society (Social Contribution)
    • We will take action to address local environmental concerns (Local Environment)
    • We will use equipment, etc. that is appropriate for sustainable living and work to conserve resources (Efforts to Build a Sustainable World)
    • We will not provide financial benefit to any anti-social efforts that will harm society or instill suspicion of unhealthy business practices (Avoidance of Anti-social Groups)
  8. 8.Obligations for International Business

    • Within all nations where we expand our business, we will understand and respect that nation's culture, as well as conduct business according to their laws (Understanding of the Culture and Laws of Partner Nations)
    • We will carry out correct customs procedures in accordance with relevant import and export laws. We will not import or export materials that are prohibited by international treaty (Compliance with Import and Export Laws)
    • We will seek world peace and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction. We will also work to avoid the accumulation of any other weapons by honoring the policies of Security Export Control Authorities. To that end, we will formulate rules for internal procedures and strictly obey them (Supervision of Safe Trade)
    • When working with the public sector of foreign nations, we will not only avoid behavior that conflicts with the laws of that nation but also forbid entertainment and gift giving as a general rule (Prohibition of Gifts to Public Officials of Foreign Nations)

The Employee Code of Conduct

  • As constituents of the Geomatec Group, we will maintain the proper image and behave with sincerity. We will not engage in anti-social behavior that harms trust in the company or damages its brand image, nor will we involve ourselves with such (Maintaining an Upstanding Image)
  • We will not engage in individual behavior which could harm the profits of the company where we are employed or the Geomatec Group. If we feel in danger of doing so, we will report the problem in advance, seek advice and work to avoid it (Prohibition of Behavior that Damages Profits)
  • With regard to the management of confidential information obtained during the course of operations, the company will not leak such information in an improper way, regardless of personal jurisdiction or position. This will apply even after employees leave the company (Protecting Confidential Information)
  • We will cooperate fully with any internal audit, or other audit for the purposes of determining compliance with laws and regulations or company policy. This includes providing accurate answers and necessary documents. When improvements are asked for, we will implement them immediately unless there is a rational reason for opposition (Cooperation with Internal Supervision)
  • When asked about the company by a member of the media, we will politely direct the question to the company's public relations division. Employees are not to not speak freely with the press about their personal opinions or matters they may have seen or heard within the company without permission (Relationship with Media)
  • We will treat the company's buildings, equipment and any other assets with respect. Items that are provided for individual use will only be used for operational purposes. In addition, we consider the company's patents, trademarks (brands), programs, and other intellectual property and know-how as important company assets. As such, we will conduct appropriate protection and utilization of those assets (Appropriate Use of Company Assets)
  • With regard to the use of informational equipment and systems, employees will comply with security regulations and rules. Employees will strictly prevent the careless leaking of information and protect against invasion from outside parties (Use and Supervision of Information Systems)

Company Leadership & Education Principles

Geomatec places a great emphasis on internal guidance and education regarding compliance.

Compliance Education

To educate and guide employees on compliance with the corporate code of conduct and other rules, we will implement the following.

  1. 1.Publishing of the Geomatec "Corporate Code of Conduct"
  2. 2.Introduction of actual cases of violations and risks on the company home page
  3. 3.Invitation of outside lecturers to conduct seminars on information security and protection of intellectual property
  4. 4.Education and training through e-Learning
  5. 5.Maintenance of educational materials that are in line with the particulars of each nation, region

Communication System

Beginning in 2003, all employees of Geomatec have access to a system for anonymous reporting to the offices of the president. The system joins other measures designed for the prevention of and quick action in retaliation to any illegal or unethical acts.
After its initial launch, supervision of the system was moved to the corporate ethics monitoring committee in 2005 and the compliance committee in 2006.
The identity of employees who submit a report and the information they provide are protected according to agreements between labor and management, as well as employment contracts. Such information will not be used by anyone to the disadvantage of the reporting employee.