Mutual Trust with Business Partners

We have engaged in many cooperative efforts to build healthy and ethical relationships with the partners who support our business, as well as protect the environment and perform services for society.

Obtaining Cooperation from Business Partners

In addition to our compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights, and environmental efforts, Geomantec has also formulated a âprocurement policyâ, intended to ensure an open, fair relationship of mutual trust with the business partners who supply the materials and services necessary for product production and delivery.

Procurement Policy

  1. 1.Core Policy

    As we provide customers the materials and services necessary for product production and distribution, Geomantec is committed to strict compliance with laws and regulations, environmental efforts, and a fair, open relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers.

    1. 1.Relevant Laws and Environmental Efforts

      With regard to procurement efforts, the laws of each nation and region where business is conducted must be obeyed. In addition, sufficient consideration must be paid to environmental protection and resource conservation.

    2. 2.Promoting fair and open trade

      Regardless of whether they are domestic or international companies, we provide equal opportunities for trade with our (potential) supply partners.

    3. 3.Strengthening Partnership with our Suppliers

      We are committed to building and expanding better partnerships with our supplies, both in Japan and abroad, on the basis of mutual understanding and trust.

  2. 2.Policy for Supplier Selection

    When selecting a trading partner, we prioritize companies who meet the following five conditions.

    1. 1.Companies who obey the law and respect the environment.
    2. 2.Companies with healthy sales conditions.
    3. 3.Companies who share Geomatec's standards with regard to materials, quality service, pricing and timely delivery.
    4. 4.Companies that can provide a stable supply line and possess the flexibility to meet fluctuations in demand.
    5. 5.Companies that possess technology that can contribute to Geomatec products.
  3. 3.A request to our suppliers

    To develop our business globally and provide a wide range of products, Geomantec must view the procurement of materials and services from a variety of perspectives and pay due consideration to the needs of our customers.
    As such, we ask that potential trading partners carry out the following:

    1. 1.Compliance with laws and social norms
      • Compliance, as well as monitoring of compliance, with relevant laws and regulations (anti-trust, commercial, subcontracting, currency exchange, personal information laws, etc. in each nation and region)
      • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
      • Prohibition of discrimination
      • Achievement of safe and clean work places
    2. 2.Environmental Efforts
      • Maintenance of ISO14001-certified environmental protection structure and promotion of external certificate acquisition
      • Reduction of hazardous chemicals and procurement of parts and materials with a low environmental load (green procurement)
      • Environmental efforts (Environmental protection policy, system, education)
    3. 3.Sustained, healthy management
    4. 4.Quality assurance
      • Compliance with the safety standards of each nation and region (JIS, Electric Appliance Safety Law, UL, CE Markings etc)
      • Continual provision of parts and services that satisfy Geomatec's specifications and quality standards
    5. 5.Reasonable Pricing
    6. 6.Structure enabling on-time delivery and steady supply
    7. 7.Continual technological improvement