Communication with Shareholders & Investors

To earn the trust and accurate understanding of our shareholders and investors, Geomantec is committed to providing precise, timely information on our management policies and sales information through proactive IR and positive, healthy, fair communication.

IR Efforts

Geomatec is committed to sustained IR that is sincere, active, and complies with relevant laws and regulations. Our business executives, general affairs, and financial divisions cooperate to realize healthy and fair communication through financial briefings focused on investors and analysts, as well as investor meetings organized by brokerage firms.
In addition, our official homepage includes a built-in IR website where stockholders and investors can always find up to date information, including documents released in compliance with the ârules on timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securitiesâ and other company information.

General Shareholders' Meeting

At our general shareholders' meeting, Geomatec conducts product exhibitions and explanations at the venue, along with video-based business reports, to ensure our shareholders possess a deeper understanding of the nature and content of our company's business.

Information Disclosure Policy

  1. 1.Core Policies

    In pursuit of sincere, transparent management, Geomatec is committed to the rapid release of company information called for by the rules and regulations of the Securities Exchange Act, as well as "the rules on timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securities" that govern companies listed on The Tokyo Stock Exchange and JASDAQ Securities Exchange. In addition, we also conduct proactive disclosure of other information that will be effective in understanding our companyâs business. However, please understand that we will withhold disclosure of information that carries an obligation of confidentiality or cannot be released for reasons of inter-company competition.

  2. 2.Internal Mechanisms

    To ensure timely, appropriate, and fair release of company information, Geomatec has an IR committee in place to focus on the comprehension and management of such information, as well as mechanisms that enable the decision making necessary for timely disclosure.

  3. 3.Disclosure Methods

    The timely disclosure of information governed by relevant laws and regulations will be released through our timely disclosure information system (TDnet). Information will also be made public on our official home page in a timely manner, but depending on system circumstances, this may occur later than the release on the TDnet system. In addition, with regard to information that does not meet the requirements for timely disclosure, our policy is to pursue fair, accurate disclosure through appropriate methods. Please note that to maintain fairness of information disclosure, answers to questions via phone and email will be limited to information that has already been made public.

  4. 4.Regarding Period of Silence (self-imposed regulation of IR material)

    To prevent leakage of financial information and ensure fairness, a period of silence will be maintained from the day following the closure of each fiscal period until the day when announcements are made. During this period, the company will not issue comments or respond to any questions regarding financial matters. However, if it becomes clear that performance estimates determined during the period of silence, when compared to already released information, are within the fluctuation range governed by the rules for timely disclosure, revised estimates will be disclosed via the procedures above.

  5. 5.Stock Prices

    With regard to stock prices, Geomatec operates from the principle that prices are determined by fair market trade and as such, we do not comment on the facts which govern trading prices or volume.

  6. 6.Liability

    While Geomatec takes great care with regard to information disclosure, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or effectiveness of the information we provide. As such, Geomatec is not liable for any damages that may result from inaccuracies or from the downloading of our data.

Efforts to Protect Personal Information of Shareholders

  1. 1.We will not accept receipt of unnecessary personal information regarding shareholders from transfer agents. In the event that the receipt of such personal information is unavoidable, we will take quick steps to dispose of it once it has served its purpose.
  2. 2.Personal information of shareholders that is held due to operational necessity will be managed under strict supervision and will not be left unattended.
  3. 3.Information on individual stockholders will be kept to the bare minimum and volume necessary for operation. Unnecessary copying or processing of documents will not be carried out.
  4. 4.The personal information of shareholders will be considered confidential and for internal use only.
  5. 5.If information on individual shareholders is saved as electronic data, it will be stored in a network environment that cannot be accessed from the outside, while internally, access will be granted to a limited number of staff members and protected by password.
  6. 6.As a general rule, documents that contain individual shareholder information cannot be carried outside the company and if this must occur for unavoidable reasons, the information will be managed under strict protective measures, such as encryption.
  7. 7.When disposed of, paper materials will be melted, while digital data will be destroyed through mechanical comminution.
  8. 8.Personal information to be received from a transfer agent must be sent through registered mail or an equivalent method. In addition, use of electronic mail is prohibited as a general rule. If it must be carried out for unavoidable reasons, we will encrypt the data and process accordingly.
  9. 9.When accessing a database related to individual stockholder information that is managed by a named transfer agent, we will confirm that all transferred data is encrypted via SSL (secure socket layer) or other means and change passwords regularly.
  10. 10.Questions from shareholders regarding their personal information will be subject to identify verification. In addition, replies will be sent to the shareholders' registered address. We will also conduct regular education of our employees on these matters.
  11. 11.Transfer agents will be monitored to ensure that they have exchanged contracts regarding handling of personal information and are applying effective supervision.
  12. 12.The purpose for use of personal information in the shareholder list is described below.
    1. (1)To exercise rights and fulfill obligations defined by commercial law
    2. (2)To provide notification of shareholder status from the company to relevant government authorities
    3. (3)To implement a variety of measures that will ensure smooth relations between the company and shareholders, drafted from the perspective of association members and the association itself
    4. (4)To comply with specific standards defined by various laws and regulations regarding the creation and management of shareholder data