Community Development

As "responsible citizens of society", we will support social infrastructure and help realize a better and safer world. At the same time, we will respect the customs and culture of each country or region and contribute to local community development.

Achieving a Better World

We consider it a fundamental mission of our corporate group to contribute to a better world through the products, skills, and services that employ our core technology and encourage cutting-edge technical development.
In addition, as a company that aims for âco-existenceâ with the world around us, we have developed deep ties with the communities where we do business and believe in the importance of broad social interaction and community service.

Connections with Local Communities

To deepen our communication with citizens of each region, we hold study sessions and seminars.
Through these activities, we not only introduce the outlines of our business and the products we produce, but also the nature of various environmental effects and what can be done to help, deepening understanding in these areas.

Philosophy toward Road Safety

We believe road safety is an important theme when considering co-existence with local communities, especially with regard to protecting children from roadside accidents. As all Geomatec manufacturing plants are located away from urban centers, a car is indispensable for the daily commute.
For that reason, we have formed a safety and health committee to review the rules in place for commuting and traffic safety and have also conducted safety seminars that promote greater safety awareness in both employees and local residents. As a result, individuals are encouraged to create their own principles for self monitoring and overall compliance with road rules and manners has improved.

Participating in Safety 123 (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Employees at the Kannari Factory in Kurihara City, Miyazaki Prefecture, participated in the Miyagi Road Safety Education and Action Campaign "Safety 123". There, they learned the importance of not only keeping accidents and violations to zero during the campaign period, but also the necessity to comply with traffic rules and manners in their daily life.