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Company Philosophy

The name GEOMATEC is derived from the GEOMATEC mission: "Creating a vibrant, abundant future through fusion of the earth, humanity, and technology." The GEOMATEC Group pursues this mission by exploring and expanding thin-film and thin-film processing technologies.
As professionals in thin-film and thin-film processing technologies, we create corporate value by providing the highest values to our customers as we evolve our technologies further.


  1. 1.The GEOMATEC Group works for its customers, stockholders, employees, and the community through sound business activities.
  2. 2.The GEOMATEC Group uses its core technological knowledge to provide society with products, technology, and services.
  3. 3.As a good corporate citizen, the GEOMATEC Group strives to actualize social development and an ideal global climate.


We at GEOMATEC will continue to explore the endless possibilities of thin-film and thin-film processing technologies and make history as providers of products that enrich the lives of all.
To accomplish these aims, we must continue to grow and advance our skills and knowledge with a clear awareness of our full potentials as individuals.
It is our great strength as a collective whole that gives rise to new technologies and creates value.
To create a lifestyle harmonious with nature through human talent and technology - this is the GEOMATEC vision.

Please contact us with any of your questions

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