Geomatec will exhibit at the 11th Car-Ele Japan Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

EventsDecember 18, 2018


Exhibition details Wednesday January 16 - Friday January 18, 2019 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Venue closes at 5 PM on last day only)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
Booth no. E39-33
Items for exhibit Cover panels, Two-way mirrors & Transparent heaters

Items for exhibit

Cover Panels Cover panels contribute to safe, comfortable driving by preventing glare and preserving the clear visibility of necessary information.
We accept orders for all tasks involved with cover panels, including procurement, printing, bending, and anti-glare processing, promising quality control at every step.
We will also customize panels to meet the structure or design of the display device.
Two-way Mirrors Smart mirrors that display images from a rear-view camera or drive recorder.
Using the technology of thin film, we have achieved optimum optical characteristics and natural transition between the surface's function as a display device and optical mirror.
Transparent Heaters Dew condensation and frost are the natural enemies of sensors and cameras. Transparent heaters contribute to safe, comfortable driving.
Transparent conductive films can be utilized to achieve a high rate of transmission without obstructing visibility or sensor detection, making them well suited to locations that require transparency.
Transparent heaters transform the entire surface into a heat generator and do not suffer from the uneven internal temperatures that occur with wired electric heaters.
Optical Thin Films Optical thin film contributes to safe, comfortable driving by improving the sensitivity of cameras and light sensors.
We will design and propose optical thin films to achieve specific visible range, as well as detected wavelengths and transmittance rates for sensors.
In addition, water and dirt repellent functions can be added without disrupting transmittance.


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