Exhibition Report: 12th Automotive World

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Show Name 12th Automotive World
Dates 1/15/2020 – 1/17/2020
Event Summary

World’s largest Exhibition for advanced automotive technologies. Global business hub in Japan and Asia. Participated in by Japanese and overseas exhibitors in the fields of CAR Electronics, EV, Automotive Lightweight Technology, Connected Car, Automotive Components & Processing Technology, Autonomous Driving Technology and MaaS. Automakers & Tier 1s visit from all over the world.

  • ・Professional Visitors : 38,992
  • ・Exhibitors : 1,017

(* Information given by the event organizer)

Venue Tokyo Big Sight Japan
Exhibit Cover panels, Transparent Heaters, g.moth and prototype film solutions

Introducing our Thin-film coating solutions to technical experts and engineers in order to support their development of new products.

Approximately 700 people visited our booth during the three days of the exhibition. The key exhibits we featured this year were; Cover Panels, Transparent Heaters, g.moth, Half Mirrors, and newly developed prototype film solutions.

As a result of meticulous preparation of technical data sheets for all products & solutions being exhibited, potential customers were encouraged to exchange ideas and concerns with our representatives. Discussions that took place with visitors to the booth may lead to technical breakthroughs by adapting our solutions to solve challenges they have been facing. Consideration of using thin film coating technologies by visitors is now much stronger.

By engaging more than half of the visitors to our booth, we found out that most were interested in g.moth, followed by Transparent Heaters, Cover Panels, and newly developed prototype film solutions. Half of the people we talked to were from technical departments who stopped by to collect information relevant to their projects, and some were in need of specific consultation for their prototypes, therefore we were able to arrange further in-person meetings after the exhibition. Overall, the exhibition provided a great platform to showcase our technologies and to take a large step forward towards potential new business opportunities.

Many people asked questions about the deposition method at the venue when looking at the explanations of thin film technology on the wall panel. By showing mechanism of film formation, our strengths, thin film technology, and coating solutions, the exhibition was also a great opportunity to create awareness and change perception of “what thin films can do” to many people in the automotive industry.
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Our Booth

Our Booth1
Our Booth2

Key Exhibits:
Cover Panels

Cover Panels

Transparent Heaters

Transparent Heaters



Prototype film solutions (newly developed)

Prototype film solutions (newly developed)


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