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A Wide Range of Businesses

As a team of professionals specialized in thin-film and thin-film processing technologies, GEOMATEC provides its customers with the best value and solutions and contributes to the further development of technology.

GEOMATEC amasses all of its resources and technological know-how to provide vacuum coating products that meet customer needs. Our expertise goes beyond knowledge of substrate materials and extends to other areas such as thin-film and optics design, materials data and cleaning, coating processing and other processing such as etching, and testing and measurement to ensure function and quality after processing. GEOMATEC comprehensively collects, develops, and combines these technologies to respond to customer needs.

Diverse Coating Equipment and Methods

GEOMATEC's collection of equipment ranges from highly versatile batch coating equipment to large-scale coating equipment, continuous coating equipment, and highly productive roll-type coating equipment. The batch coating equipment is capable of coating almost any type of substrate, from standard glass and metal sheets to resin, paper, and metal blocks. GEOMATEC selects coating substances and methods based on the customer's intended uses and the substrates to be coated, tailoring the product to the customer's needs. Customer's especially appreciate GEOMATEC's high-end coating products manufactured by the electron beam and sputtering methods.

Vacuum Coating for a Wider Range of Applications

GEOMATEC has cultivated vacuum coating technologies for the past half century as a pioneer in the industry. Many manufacturers in a host of industries rely heavily on GEOMATEC's thin-film products, from anti-reflective and reflective films manufactured since our company's founding and light-controlling multilayer optical films to ITO and metal films used in mobile phones and car navigation devices. "From prototype to mass production," GEOMATEC vastly widens the range of applications of vacuum coating, fusing coating technology with the technology and knowledge of other industries.

Application-Oriented Film Design - From Coating to Patterning

Thin, light, strong, and flexible. To ensure optimal performance of our thin-films, GEOMATEC designs films to meet an array of standards for optical properties, electrical properties, and outer appearance. By combining vacuum coating technology with patterning technology, GEOMATEC can process various film structures with extreme precision. Besides its various coating products, GEOMATEC provides patterning products to meet specialized customer needs.

Customer-Focused, from Prototype to Mass Production

Carefully selecting everything from substrates and coating materials to processing methods, GEOMATEC delivers the best solution. Whether the order is a single unit, a single sheet, or full-scale mass production, GEOMATEC can accommodate customers throughout the development process.

Alliances and Partnering

The demands made of the thin film and thin-film processing industry are becoming increasingly diversified, the needs of the marketplace changing with every new product released to the public.
To fulfill the wishes of both our customers and the marketplace, GEOMATEC develops new products and technologies in cooperation not only with the manufacturers who handle key materials, devices, and processing technologies, but also with research institutions and universities. GEOMATEC responds flexibly to the market to create better products and better business opportunities.

Consultant in Forefront Technology

Coating technology is used in a vast range of industries to improve the technological features of products and add value. As a manufacturer specialized in thin-films and processing, GEOMATEC provides optimal thin-films for products released to the world and offers consultations related to thin-film and processing technologies for the advancement of science and technology.

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