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Where Are Thin-Film Products Used?

From ever-evolving mobile devices to social infrastructure, thin-films are ubiquitous in daily life.

Mobile/ICT Fields

Thin films are used in information and telecommunications terminals.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is advancing with immense speed in conjunction with tools such as mobile phones and smartphones. Thin, lightweight displays (flat panel displays, or FPDs) and touch panels are essential to this advancement. GEOMATEC provides ITO films and metal films for FPDs, and ITO films for touch panels.

ITO films for Touch Panels

The ITO film greatly affects the function of a touch panel.
GEOMATEC creates ITO films that improve touch features, lengthen lifespan, and increase transmittance of touch panels.

Precision Instruments

Thin-films are used in precision optical instruments.

Now that prices have fallen, liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors and digital cameras are being widely used in businesses and households. GEOMATEC provides lenses with virtually no reflection, metal films with high reflectance, and optical filters and mirrors for creating vibrant colors. GEOMATEC also processes lens units for telescopes and YAG laser processing equipment.

Mirrors for Telescopes

Reflecting telescopes use a pair of concave mirrors, a primary mirror and secondary mirror, to enlarge images of stars. No lenses are used in the telescopes, so the aperture can be easily enlarged and bright images can be obtained without chromatic aberrations.

Clean Energy

Thin films are used in solar cells, a clean energy source.

Together with wind power generators, solar cells (photovoltaic cells) are being rapidly adopted as a popular new source of clean energy. GEOMATEC provides ITO films for dye-sensitized solar cells with simple structures that can be fabricated at low cost.

ITO Films for Solar Cells

GEOMATEC's high-durability transparent conductive films are well suited to solar cells, as their resistance stays unchanged even when heated to 500°C (over 900°F) in atmosphere. Besides customized products built according to customer specifications, GEOMATEC also offers low-cost standardized products that customers can use as samples.

Automobiles and Transportation

Thin films are used in areas such as in-vehicle equipment and traffic lights.

Defrosters and transparent heaters are used to prevent condensation and the adhesion of snow and ice in snowy regions. GEOMATEC's ITO films for these devices ensure the frost-free operation of cars and trains. Defrosters and transparent heaters are also used in cover glasses for roadside electronic toll collection (ETC) devices and headlight covers on cars.

Defrosters for Security Cameras

GEOMATEC's defrosters prevent clouding caused by rain, snow, and humidity. Defrosters are essential for the stable operation of security cameras, weather cameras, and other devices that perform stationary observation.

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