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Advanced Technological Expertise and Production System

Discover the three supporting foundations for GEOMATEC's technological expertise and productivity.

GEOMATEC's boasts highly versatile batch coating equipment capable of accommodating substrates and coating substances of all shapes and types.
Using materials such as glass, metals, plastic, and even paper as substrates, our machines can apply a full lineup of coating substances, from various metals to metal oxides.

Application-Oriented Coating Methods

Customer needs regarding thin film and thin-film processing technologies are varied and ever evolving.
GEOMATEC has a flexible production system where film design, cleaning conditions, and coating conditions are tailored to specific customer needs. To support diversifying coating and processing needs, GEOMATEC includes processes such as cutting, grinding, cleaning, and etching among its core technologies and we constantly endeavor to improve our technological expertise. Through improvements in pre- and post-processing for coating, GEOMATEC's production system is designed to provide customers with products of even higher value.

The World's Largest Coating Production System

GEOMATEC is equipped with a diverse array of coating equipment, such as our highly versatile batch coating equipment, our mass-producing large-scale coating equipment, our continuous coating equipment, and our roll-type coating equipment. To meet the needs of our customers, we choose the best coating substance and method to match the substrate and product applications. Created with methods such as electron beam deposition, sputtering, and ion plating, our thin-film products are highly valued.

Inspection and Control System to Maintain and Ensure Quality

GEOMATEC has established a complete system for quality management utilizing cutting-edge analysis and testing equipment. GEOMATEC has constructed a quality management system (QMS) not only for checking the quality standards of our products, but also for maintaining the quality of the manufacturing and QMS processes themselves. All of our company's divisions work cooperatively to implement and maintain a QMS meeting global standards.

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