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From trial to mass production

GEOMATEC supports the business endeavors of customers by providing highly reliable, forefront products.

In addition to processing reputable optical filters and widely used functional thin-film products, GEOMATEC develops forefront technologies to meet challenges in strongly anticipated new fields. From trial to mass production, GEOMATEC responds to customer needs in the realm of thin-film products.

From Customer Request to Completed Product

  1. 1

    Please contact GEOMATEC if you have any questions or requests regarding thin-films.

  2. 2

    Technical Consultation
    In cooperation with various manufacturers involved in areas such as substrates, coating substances, coating equipment, and pre- and post-processing, GEOMATEC pursues results that satisfy our customers.

  3. 3

    GEOMATEC formulates an estimate based on specifications decided on during the technical consultation.

  4. 4

    Test Products and Samples
    Because GEOMATEC's production process is structured to take into account eventual mass production, there is no difference in quality between the test batch and the final mass-produced product.

  5. 5

    Production and Processing
    GEOMATEC tests and checks all of the products it provides. GEOMATEC has acquired a quality management system certification (ISO 9001) and strives to maintain quality.

  6. 6

    GEOMATEC delivers the completed product on the day, at the location, and by the method specified by our customers.

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