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GEOMATEC contributes to society with its coating technology.
Discover GEOMATEC's strengths, its range of businesses, and the concept behind its name.

Since its establishment, GEOMATEC has cultivated vacuum coating technologies as a pioneer in the industry. GEOMATEC crafts its advanced technological expertise and production system by supporting new products that are endlessly released into the world. GEOMATEC's expanding coating business is bolstered by GEOMATEC's solid, highly transparent management base.

GEOMATEC's Three Strengths

Expanding Range of Coating Products

1. Pioneers in Vacuum Coating

2. Highly Adaptable Advanced Technological
Expertise and Production Systems

GEOMATEC's versatile batch coating equipment accommodates substrates and coating substances of all shapes and types.

GEOMATEC's Range of Businesses

Thin-film Processing Technology

As a pioneer in the coating industry, GEOMATEC has cultivated vacuum coating technologies for over half a century.
GEOMATEC thin-film products are used in variety of industries. Manufacturers of every type rely on GEOMATEC's anti-reflective and reflective films (manufactured since GEOMATEC's founding), light-controlling multilayer optical films, and ITO films and metal films for use in mobile phones and car navigation devices.

Resolve for Environmental Preservation-Focused Product Development

With the conviction of a leading developer in our field, GEOMATEC takes it upon itself to create technologies leading to the next generation. Responding to various customer needs for thin film and thin-film processing technologies, GEOMATEC's sales and marketing, technical, and development divisions devote themselves daily as a team to explore solutions that satisfy customers. GEOMATEC's engineers have now shifted their development focus from "equipment that uses energy" to "equipment that creates energy and uses it efficiently." GEOMATEC aims to build technologies in new fields such as components for dye-sensitized solar cells and thin-film rechargeable batteries.

GEOMATEC's Invisible Technology

GEOMATEC is a team of professionals who have consistently focused on thin-film and thin-film processing technologies since the company's founding. GEOMATEC's products are used as input interfaces in various devices, from car navigation devices to mobile devices such as handheld game consoles and portable music players. GEOMATEC's thin-film processing technology is a familiar part of daily life.

The Concept Behind the Name GEOMATEC

The name GEOMATEC is derived from GEOMATEC's desire to fuse the earth, humanity, and technology (GEO for the earth, MA for huMAnity, and TEC for TEChnology) and to help protect the global environment while developing human potential in science and technology. GEOMATEC is a company that uses this fusion to provide vacuum coating solutions.

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