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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about products

What is ITO?

ITO stands for Indium Tin Oxide (also known as tin-doped indium oxide).
Thin films made of ITO are both conductive and highly transparent.

What are ITO films?

ITO films are the ideal material for electrodes in liquid crystal displays and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. ITO films are used in many commonplace, everyday devices, such as smartphones, tablets, car navigation devices, and handheld game consoles. GEOMATEC provides ITO films to support customer needs in pace with the fast evolution of consumer electronics.

Where Are Thin-Film Products Used?

What is vacuum coating?

"Coating" is simply the formation of a film of one material on the surface of another material known as a substrate. The “vacuum coating” GEOMATEC specializes in applies coatings on a nanometer scale at sub-atmospheric air pressures.

Thin-Films? What's Vacuum Coating?

What kinds of functions do thin films have?

A thin film formed on a substrate material can confer additional electrical,optical, and mechanical properties, added values the substrate material originally lacked.
By integrating these new capabilities into the substrate - capabilities such as electrical conduction, splitting light into its color components, or generating heat - a final product of drastically improved functionality can be created.

Thin-Films? What's Vacuum Coating?

What kind of coating materials does GEOMATEC offer?

Please see the list of coating substances on our website. GEOMATEC offers a full lineup of coating substances, from various metals to metal oxides.
GEOMATEC can also design films based on customer requests.

Product Applications

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Questions about technology

Where does GEOMATEC manufacture its products?

GEOMATEC operates three domestic mass-production factorys, the two Kannari Factorys in Miyagi Prefecture and the Ako Factory in Hyogo Prefecture. Overseas, GEOMATEC mass-produces at the Wuxi Factory in China. The site of manufacture depends on the location of delivery, the product to be manufactured, and the volume of the order.


What substrate materials does GEOMATEC support?

GEOMATEC can coat almost any material, from glass, metal, or crystal to the more unusual resin, paper, or metal blocks.
GEOMATEC also possesses advanced flexible-film coating equipment (roll-to-roll coating equipment) effective for manufacturing touch panels and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs).

Advanced Technological Expertise and Production System

What substrate sizes can be processed?

GEOMATEC reviews production possibilities based on customer requests. Please contact GEOMATEC with details of your requirements and one of our representatives will contact you after reviewing your order.

What kind of surface treatment does GEOMATEC offer?

Whether it be a single layer or dozens of layers, using a single substance or a multitude of substances, GEOMATEC's control system utilizes years of accumulated know-how to create coatings exactly as designed.
GEOMATEC's long-cultivated thin-film processing technology makes possible new decorative films such as films with luxurious metallic sheens or color gradations or films that change color with viewing angle, effects previously unattainable with conventional painting technology.

What kind of pre- and post-processing does GEOMATEC offer?

Besides vacuum coating, GEOMATEC supports diversifying market needs with a repertoire of core technologies for cutting, grinding, cleaning, and etching. Through continuous research into these pre- and post-processing techniques for coating, GEOMATEC has developed a technological system capable of providing customers with products of even higher added value.

Who should I contact for technical questions?

Please contact a GEOMATEC sales representative or submit an inquiry through our website.

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Questions about dealings

Are there any conditions for purchase?

There are no conditions. Please feel free to contact GEOMATEC with any questions or requests regarding thin-films.

How do I request a test product?

GEOMATEC has the flexibility to handle a wide variety of prototype requests.
Please contact a GEOMATEC sales representative or submit an inquiry through our website. One of our representatives will contact you after reviewing the details of your request.
If you have eventual mass production in mind, GEOMATEC will process the test product using mass production equipment, ensuring equal quality after full production begins. Please inform us of any plans for eventual mass production during your inquiry.

Can I request processing based on our specifications?

Yes, GEOMATEC selects conditions for processing, from cleaning to coating, based on the customer's requests.
Please contact GEOMATEC for details.

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Questions about your order, purchase

Does GEOMATEC accept low-volume orders?

GEOMATEC accepts orders of any volume, from a single unit or sheet to mass production.
GEOMATEC also sells ITO films in small lots for product development.
For manufacturers planning mass production, GEOMATEC provides early stage support by providing prototypes fabricated with mass production in mind. Please contact GEOMATEC for details.

How do I request an estimate?

Please, contact a GEOMATEC sales representative or submit an inquiry through our website.

How can I cut costs?

In some cases, customers can reduce costs by reviewing coating methods or other conditions.
It may also be possible to cut costs by taking advantage of the small lots of ITO films we sell for testing use.
Please contact a GEOMATEC sales representative or submit an inquiry through our website for more information.

How long will it take until delivery?

Because GEOMATEC does most of its processing to order, substrate materials and other supplies are procured following confirmation of customer requests.
The number of days from order placement to delivery will change according to factors such as the procurement status of materials and the operation status of production equipment.
Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

Can I receive an estimate for a small-lot order? Does GEOMATEC process small lots?

Yes, GEOMATEC accepts orders as small as single units or sheets and also sells ITO films in small lots.
Please contact GEOMATEC for details.

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Please contact us with any of your questions

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