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Making ITO Films - Roll-to-Roll Coating Equipment


Compact and high performance

GEOMATEC has used its long-cultivated deposition and sputtering technologies to build production systems with flexible-film coating equipment (roll-to-roll coating equipment) effective for the manufacture of products like touch panels and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs).

Typical Applications

GEOMATEC's roll-to-roll coating technology is applied to the manufacture of products like touch panels and DSCs.

Technology Overview

Flexible-Film Coating Equipment

GEOMATEC's flexible-film coating equipment enables mass production of film coatings, accepting a maximum roll width of 720mm and a maximum roll length of 300mm (depending on core diameter).
This enables mass processing of products such as film-type capacitive touch panels.
GEOMATEC offers a variety of options. We also support our customers' needs for prototypes. Feel free to contact us for details.

Equipment Specification

Roll width 720mm (max.)
Roll length 300mm (max.)
Roll core ø3″, ø6″

Main Coating Apparatus

Coating method Sputtering
Coating temperature Room temperature
Film feed-out Forward and reverse rotations
Substrate speed 0.5m ~ 10m / min
Substrate thickness 50µm ~ 188µm

Sample of Supported Coatings

  • Transparent conductive films
  • Barrier films and electrode films
    SiO2, SiON, Nb2O5, Cr, Cr2O3, Sn, Al, ACX (aluminum alloy), APC-TR, Mo-Nb

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