Regarding development and sale of transparent heaters for housing construction

NewsJune 19, 2017

Utilizing the transparent heater technology recently applied to dome-shaped security cameras and windshields on trains running in cold-weather regions, along with the thin-film technologies used to create large-scale flat display panels, Geomatec has now developed a new line of dew-condensation and snow proof solutions for housing construction.

1. Development Background

Traditionally, the negative effect on natural lighting generated by dew or snow has been a major challenge confronting the design of architectural or solar panel glass, for use in sunrooms or residential windows.

To address this issue, Geomatec has used its expertise in transparent-heater technology to create a new line of transparent heaters for housing construction.

Transparent heaters are created by applying clear ITO or transparent conductive films to glass or plastic. This enables the flow of electricity, which can be used to generate heat that prevents accumulation of dew-condensation or snow.

2. New product & solution features

  1. (1)Wider selection for substrate materials

    Depending on your needs, transparent heaters can be created with not only glass, but a number of base materials such as plastic, enabling a more diverse selection.

  2. (2)Responsive to all Shapes and forms

    The film can be applied to flat surfaces, curved surfaces, and many other shapes and forms.

  3. (3)Optimized heat volume

    The volume of heat generated by transparent heaters is strictly controlled from the film design stage and they are constructed so that it is difficult for excess at the heating portion to occur.

  4. (4)Planar heating

    The structure employs planar heating to create a temperature increase that is consistent across the heated area.

  5. (5)Compatibility with other Geomatec products & solutions

    Depending on the usage environment, anti-glare, water-repellent, hydrophilic functions can also be added.

3. Exhibited Items

This item will be on exhibit in our booth at the M-Tech Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight: June 21-23).

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