Nexco Engineering Hokkaido and Geomatec to co-develop dew condensation-proof/snow-proof heaters for domed surveillance cameras

NewsMay 31, 2017

Nexco Engineering Hokkaido (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido; President: Shuji Baba) and GEOMATEC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Kentaro Matsuzaki) announce co-development of condensation and snow proof transparent heaters for dome surveillance cameras used on high-speed roadways.

1. Development background

Outdoor surveillance cameras installed in areas of high snowfall are subject to visibility problems due to condensation and snow accumulation. As such, anti-dew and snow proof functions are a necessity for surveillance cameras monitoring high speed roadways. Geomatec were also asked to provide functions for dome cameras that are inconspicuous and offer broad coverage.

In the past, many dome cameras with heating units have appeared on the market, but all have been vulnerable to sudden changes in weather and unable to evaporate snowfall and dew.

2. New product features

  1. (1)Energy efficient

    The heater is created using the dome cover as base material, generating heat directly on that cover.
    Compared to indirect methods, such as fan heaters, this new technique achieves greater energy efficiency.

  2. (2)Additional water repellent and hydrophilic effects

    Depending on the usage environment, additional water repellent and hydrophilic functions can also be added.

  3. (3)Stable heating volume

    Consistent heating up to the dome tip is possible, enabling use in environments with temperatures as low as -20℃.

3. Future outlook

Emphasizing their superior visibility (transparent, water-repellent, hydrophilic), we plan to expand the application of condensation and snow proof dome heaters to many other fields.


  1. 1.About Geomatec's condensation and snow proof heaters

    • By fitting transparent heaters to glass and plastic substrates, it is possible to generate heat through electric charge.
    • The shape and amount of heat generated by the substrates can be set according to customer needs.
    • The results is highly transparent product that offers stable heating.

    Examples of use

    • Anti-dew/Anti-clouding
    • Snow proof/Evaporates snow and water
  2. 2.Images of dome cameras fit with transparent heaters

    Dome cameras fit with transparent heaters

    • Dome Cameras
    • Images of Heat Generation (Thermography)
  3. 3.Images of dome cameras

    During product testing

    • With anti-dew & snow-proof transparent heaters
    • Without anti-dew & snow-proof transparent heaters

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