Announcement regarding use of Geomatec's thin-film technology in the IoT development kit for capacitive sensors

NewsMarch 30, 2017

Geomatec's Thin-Film & Capacitive Sensor Technology used in the IoT Development Kit for Capacitive Sensors Selection and Sale of Products has been determined by Bit Trade One, LTD (Headquarters: Kanagawa Prefecture). Please see details below.

1. What are capacitive sensors

Capacitive Sensors are high-quality sensors that detect changes in capacitance (*).
They respond to close proximity or contact with people, animals and other species, while not responding to falling leaves or vinyl.
They can also be designed to sense through doors, glass, and walls.

*Capacitance is the electric charge that occurs when voltage is applied to certain electrodes.
When matter enters the electric field (the space charged by the voltage), the matter becomes polarized.
The scale of the polarization depends on the distance from the electrode, the size, thickness and specific inductive capacity of the matter, and the amount of electric charge applied.
(The degree is particularly high in conductors and matter with a high volume of moisture).

2. Capacitive sensor electrodes

Materials with electro-conductive properties can be used as sensory equipment.
Even materials such as glass or plastic, which don't ordinarily conduct electricity, can be used as an electrode when coated with conductive film, such as ITO.

Examples of Usage

An acrylic dome coated with ITO film as an electrode can display changes in capacitance, through fluctuations in the volume of light, when something is in close proximity.

3. Impact on earnings

At present, the release of this technology will have only a minor impact on earnings. If further disclosure is necessary at any point, we will quickly carry out proper procedures.

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