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Use of Personal Information

Respecting the privacy of its customers, GEOMATEC makes the following efforts to protect personal information.

  1. 1.GEOMATEC establishes rules on the handling of personal information and endeavors to control and protect personal information appropriately through the design of an appropriate organizational structure and the promotion of literacy of the privacy policy.
  2. 2.GEOMATEC only collects personal information from customers with their consent, and customers are informed of the purpose and extent of the collected information, as well as the GEOMATEC liaison that can take inquiries regarding such information.
  3. 3.Personal information on customers is used only for the purpose of providing better products and services, and only within the scope customers have agreed to in advance. Such information is not provided or disclosed to any third party, except in the following cases:
    1. I.When such disclosure is required under law or other regulations;
    2. II.When the customer himself or herself inquires about the information;
    3. III.When the customer has consented to such provision or disclosure in advance;
    4. IV.When there is a need to notify a shipping company of the customer's name, address, or other customer information to arrange the delivery of products or other items to the customer; and
    5. V.When necessary to prevent serious harm or damage to the life, health, or property of the customer or the public.
  4. 4.In consideration of the importance of the accuracy and soundness of collected personal information, GEOMATEC takes measures to prevent unwanted occurrences such as unauthorized access or alteration, damage, loss, or leakage.
  5. 5.GEOMATEC requires proof of identity when a customer requests to check or correct their personal information, or cancel our services with them. Please note it may take anywhere from several days to approximately one month to complete such a request, depending on the content of the request.
  6. 6.When GEOMATEC outsources processing of personal information to an outside service provider, it controls such information appropriately by contractually requiring the service provider to prevent leakage of such information and refrain from providing it to others.
  7. 7.In addition to complying with all laws and regulations applicable to handling personal information, GEOMATEC constantly maintains efforts to protect such information, and reviews such efforts periodically and as necessary to make effective improvements.
    GEOMATEC is not responsible for the standards and practices by which personal information is handled on websites operated by other companies, including those linked to from this website.
    Please send any inquiries regarding the use of personal information to: GEOMATEC@geomatec.co.jp

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