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ITO Films for Capacitive Touch Panels


GEOMATEC's ITO films perform superbly in various types of capacitive touch panels.

GEOMATEC's ITO films perform well in projective, surface, and both on-cell and in-cell type touch panels.
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The Structure of a Projective Touch Panel

*Though actually transparent, the ITO film in this drawing is tinted to make it visible.

ITO films can be formed on glass or other films.

  • ITO films can be formed on virtually any substrate.
  • GEOMATEC integrates processing as far as photo etching into our production lines, allowing quick response to small lot production requests and research and development needs.

Product Construction and Advantages

ITO Pattern Visibility Control

GEOMATEC ensures ITO patterns remain invisible by integrating long-cultivated ITO technology with optical techniques and taking steps such as adjusting the refractive indexes and colors of the ITO films and inserting optical layers.

Anti-Noise Measures

Because capacitive touch panels need to detect minute changes in capacitance, they can be susceptible to outside noise interference, which can lower their detection accuracy.
GEOMATEC provides a shielding layer to reduce the effect of ambient noise.

Ultra-Fine Extraction Electrodes

The number of electrodes increases as the patterns in the display area become more intricate. To cope with this growing intricacy while still considering low resistance, good etchability, and high reliability, GEOMATEC recommends silver or aluminum materials.

Low-Resistance, Extra-FLAT ITO Films for Touch Panels

GEOMATEC's coating technology reduces film resistance without sacrificing the thinness of the film. A low-resistance film can be similarly formed on other coatings.

Typical Applications

GEOMATEC's ITO films for capacitive touch panels are used in car navigation devices, mobile devices such as PDAs, tablet PCs, and portable music players, and various other applications.

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