Thin-Film Measurement Services(Available in Japan)

Our know-how in thin-film measurement, developed to maintain high levels of performance and stable product quality

The thin-film measurement services we provide domestically in Japan take advantage of the know-how built over Geomatec's many years of experience with thin-film measurement. Our reports are limited to measured values only and are generated from surface observation and composition analysis, quickly providing accurate evaluation data at a low cost.
Although these services are available only within Japan, please feel free to advantage of them even if you are a temporary resident, on temporary assignment or are studying abroad in Japan.

Measurement Services

Surface observations

We will observe the surface shape of thin films, the polished state of substrates, and the surface shape of solid materials like metals and ceramics to look for foreign objects.

Composition analysis

We will analyze the composition of plating films and other thin film varieties to look for foreign objects or stains.

X-ray diffraction

We will measure the X-ray diffraction pattern of thin films, as well as conduct residual stress measurement.

Indentation hardness tests

We will measure the hardness of parent materials, plate films, and nitride hard films.

For temporary residents, workers, or students in Japan

If you are a temporary resident of, on temporary assignment to, or are studying abroad in Japan and would like to receive information in English on our thin-film measurement services, we kindly ask that you contact us via the form below.

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If you would like information in the Japanese language on the cost of thin-film measurement services and other details, please visit our Japanese website.

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