Primary mirror & diagonal mirror anti-reflective film repair

Telescope Reflector Recoating


The primary and diagonal mirrors used in reflective astronomical telescopes are subject to gradual degradation from rain, condensation, dirt and mold.
Geomatec can re-apply anti-reflective film to damaged primary and diagonal mirrors, making them function like new.
Coating can be applied to primary mirrors (concave mirrors), Newtonian secondary mirrors (flat mirrors), Cassegrain secondary mirrors (convex mirrors), and mirrors of all other shapes.

Processing Performance

Film structure Size Weight
AlSiO 1200Φ 200 kg
Al Highly relective 500Φ 50 kg

*Feel free to contact us about substrates of different thickness and size or forms such as elliptic and perforated.


Spectral reflectance data regarding reflective film for astronomical telescope mirrors

Spectral reflectance characteristics

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